Frequent Draws

(Sabertooth) #1


Did you ever draw a stopwatch? Of course you did, everyone has and im afraid it happens quite often, if the teams are well balanced. For example if last objective is made of two deliveries (chapel, trainyard etc…) and both teams only deliver one piece, shouldnt the one that delivered the first piece faster win? If this mode is called STOPWATCH everything should be based on time so why is it a draw when my team delivers the obj faster than the other? If it works like that in ranked why is this different?

What do you guys think?

(Dysfnal) #2

I, personally, would rather have the draw than a complicated win loss system

(Serious Sam) #3

It isn’t complicated, it’s the very basics of the gamemode, just extended to partially-completed objectives. You do it faster, you win, plain and simple.

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

Personally I think that the first match should JUST be a timesetter, so no matter which team wins, it doesn’t count towards the win. So the second match is the only one that actually counts for the win. So for example, if the defending team wins both matches, then that match would count as a Win for the Defenders and Loss for Attackers in the second half.

(Herr_Hanz) #5

thats because you didnt complete the whole objective, and thats the point.

to do better than the team that delivered 1 objective you need to deliver 2. if you fail, you draw, if you fail to deliver even 1, you lose. its not about the time, its about completing objectives. else the game should stop when the first team repaired the ev in 1 minute, and the other team in 59 seconds. even though the team with 59 seconds would later on deliver 2 objectives instead of 1.

(rhythmGecko) #6

Stopwatch is the competitive mode, people should not be able to tie unless the game is super close. I feel like if one person gets a faster objective and then a slower object next they should then tie. But i’ve had this happen to me before where we beat them out with the first 2 objectives but can’t get the last one. I don’t think that we should tie because of that I feel like we should have won that match. Its extremely annoying to deal with. I would be fine if the object was based off of someone being within 30 seconds of the objective capture. That would work for me because their are always some minor hindrance.