Free rotation suggestion

(Azeria) #1

Who has ever joined a server, only to suffer through the endless stacking of the mercs currently in free rotation?

I want to suggest making the mercs included in the free rotation differ for every player. This would result in players trying out a larger variety of mercs, and certainly prevent the stacking. Additionally I would also really love merc rotations that contains one medic, one engi and one dps, and not multiple from the same role.

(Tcorn) #2

That seems a bit too complicated, I think the system is fine as it is.

(Azeria) #3

Really? I don’t know a single player who think it is fine as it is. Take the current free rotation as a grand example - Proxy, Nader and Kira. There is so much spam on every server that it is almost unplayable. It certainly is not enjoyable in any way.
All the free rotation is resulting in is endless stacking.

In previous fps games I’ve played, most public servers would even by default also have a max number of spots for each merc per team, to prevent this exact thing.

Public game play was the best when the free rotation was broken imo.
Please break it again if you are not going to fix it…

(inscrutableShow) #4

It’s a good idea, but I’ve seen basically the same concept do the rounds on here so many times that I don’t think that it has much chance of happening, at least for a while yet. Also, the rotation as it is never has multiple mercs of the same role at the same time.