FraggedNation | Dirty Bomb: Community Ladder Summer 2016

(TheHel1x) #1

Hello, I am TheHel1x. I am team manager for EnG, A competitive Dirty Bomb team. I would like to inform you that I am starting up a Dirty Bomb ladder on FraggedNation. The focus of this ladder is to let teams play on their own schedule, bring a little more meaning to scrims, boost activity in Dirty Bomb’s comp scene and provide a low stress competitive environment where new teams can play with more confidence. The only requirements are that you have 5 players and you all have fun. In the [url=]FraggedNation | Dirty Bomb steam group you will find all kinds of info about the ladder including how to register and sign your team up. This ladder is open to any region. If you are a team captain, I would strongly encourage you to talk with your team about joining the ladder as it is a great way to keep active, learn new strats and play on your own schedule. If you are not on a team but want to play in this ladder please post on the roster forum section of the steam group and let everyone know what roles/mercs you play best and that you want to join or create a team. The [url=]FN|DB:CL will start on July 8th and end on September 30th (Or later, Subject to change) so please get your team signed up ASAP and get ready to #PlayDirty If you have any questions please just let me know on [url=]Steam or make a post on the steam group forums. Thank you and have a great day!