Fps Drops Recently

(jin_poder) #1

Recently i am having some fps drops with this game,some weeks ago i decided to turn the thread sync on because my ping because was terrible,i did it and i did have some fps drop but no ping boost so i turn the thread sync off back again but now even if i have it off am still experiencing some fps drops since that day.As a 300 hour player i can say that this is happen recently because i didnt experienced a fps drop like right now,i dont know if it because my computer but i really doubt that my computer is causing it,I own a i3 4130 proccesor ,8gb ram ,and a gt 630 2gb graphic card.By last i had almost every graphic setting in game turned off ,only the post proccesing is turned on and i had the texture and character detail in medium.So i dont know what is causing the fps drops.Any suggestions?