(Chris Mullins) #1

Disclaimer: Rules are subject to being edited or appended after this original message without prior warning

01. Keep the General Chat channel Dirty Bomb related.
02. Be polite and respect each other.
03. Slurs, excessive profanity, harassment, sexism, racism, bullying, trolling and sexual discussions will not be tolerated.
04. Do not post obscene (NSFW), Anti-LGBTQ, offensive or politically-charged content.
05. Stream links and YouTube videos belong in #media
06. Only ping the moderators when necessary.
07. Do not spam. If a moderator thinks it’s spam, it’s spam.
08. If a Moderator tells you not to do something, don’t do it.
09. Do not expose the personal information of any member of this server without their consent, in public or private. This is a violation of the ToS.
10. Do not impersonate other users.
11. Do not message or ping the developers without a good reason to. if you aren’t sure, ask a moderator first.
12. Naming and Shaming players will not be tolerated to prevent free advertising for cheaters and to prevent witch-hunting. if you suspect a cheater, just report them in-game… do not post screenshots or videos or publicly accuse anyone of cheating.
13. Excessive shitposting even in non-Dirty Bomb related channels will not be tolerated.
14. Moderators are here to help and volunteer their time. Do not treat them as 24/7 workers or servants.
15. If you have a grievance with a moderator, please raise it with another moderator or a member of SD in a private message and be sure to provide evidence.
16. Do not spread Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt or Fake News

All rules are enforced by the moderators discretion and have the final say when it comes to what and what doesn’t break the rules.