For anyone experiencing laggy servers and long loading times


Play on community servers, for some reason they run perfectly, at least from what I’ve seen. No 2 minute long loading times, no getting stuck in a wall, and no rubberbanding.

I’ve had a few decent matches on LA servers, but considering how sporadic it is, I wouldn’t recommend anyone with these issues play on public servers until SD fixes it.

Continuing Server Issues (13th Sept)
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I second Starrysock; today all Los Angeles servers were horrendous. I switched to 3 different Community servers and they were fine.

(ThePigVomit) #3

Maybe SD gott pay their bandwidth bill?

The server browser has terrible update lag as well.

I jump into a 10/14 populated, in progress server…and turns out to be 3/14 lobby waiting on a map selection.

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Or it could be Multi-Play’s shit servers…


Community servers are multiplay too so idk really

((Pos2/3)) #6

This is a thing too. There is bugged server like this, and a normal one. That we didnt know which one is bugged.

(San_Pedro) #7

The servers in Singapore have been horrendous. I get stuck in loading a map and have to kill the game through task manager. I’d like to play, but can’t.


From what I’ve seen it takes forever to load a match, but DB hasn’t frozen on me yet. If you’re really desperate you might just have to wait, usually took me around 2 minutes on a bad server

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I posted this on reddit and got a comment that community servers also start lagging after a while. According to [OLDDOG] Wolven the reason why community servers seem less laggy is because of admins manually resetting it once it starts lagging.

I hope Hong Kong servers will come back soon as well. And how about adding Tokyo servers? :stuck_out_tongue: (considering I live in Japan these days)


Huh, that’s interesting to know.
But DB’s public servers have still been laggy for the better part of a week now. No one has thought to reset them?

(D'@athi) #11

It’s a long-time known problem of the UE3-engine, enhanced by high-pingers and low-packet-rates, as modders known to this community, already have posted in threads in SD’s and/or Nexon’s forums time over time again, starting years(yes that bad) ago.
So only some incompetent people could have ignored it, at least, if they really were working on this game and cared about it.

PS: I still believe you got at least some decent people in your team, as some important publishers still take you on accoount for their… uh wait… 30fps-console-work. But it really doesn’t show up on this project…

(Edit: Sorry for the harsh wording first, but I think you can understand that at some point you lose respect when you get the feeling, people working on this project are sucking deliberately at fixing year(s) old stuff.)

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Dude, no one playing in HK server because of this, u are the hopeful one tho. Tell ya 'cause its been 4 week since the problem started and HKserver shutdown-ed (?)

(San_Pedro) #13

Totally agree about some Tokyo servers (Nagoya would be even more choice for me).

I can’t actually play the game still. The load time seems to have come down, but still can’t find a playable game. I actually played a different online FPS for the first time is years because of it… the horror!