Fix Ranked pls

(minzemango) #1

I´ve played Season 3 and 4 and it´s always the same: one-sided matches everywhere. SD has to improve the MM algorithm for more balanced match-ups. Also they should think abot numbers, since many players quit. They cant implement changes for a game which is being played by thousands of players, while in reality only 2-4k play it.

Ranked is really fucked up right now and you cant really have fun with it or at least say that it was a fairt competition by even players. Too many ragequitter, way too many. SD has to fix leaving penalties or they´ll just continue this shit

(minzemango) #2

(Cgz27) #3

They should give us a give us something like +5 RP just for sticking out a game (and losing) after a leaver. And maybe +20 RP for winning a game after losing 3 in a row, maybe +10RP for after 2 losses :smiley: (which is cancelled for leavers)

Just to give some incentive o3o

(Shenaynays) #4

@Cgz27 i love that idea of giving people who stay when there’s leavers extra points. If those damned leavers can abandon the match and, from what ive been told, not lose and rank progression but sacrifice the rest of the team to do that. We definately deserve something for it