fists are the new black ?!

(tinker) #1

Hey guys
I want to hear your opinion about the new Fistcuffs

As it seems they open up a new door to strategy and gameplay overall.

For those who haven’t seen or tested… You might go for 4 soldiers in 14pt.,

Possible options are:

Commander pistol, 1toon w pistol, 2toons w fists
Commander hoo-hah AR, 3toons w fists

We now also have the option to make good use out of 7pt weapons in 14pt
With commander w pistol (4), 1 toon w fists (3) , and one with 7pt (7)

There are far more things to mention for 20 and 26pt, but I think you can come up with those as well.

This makes room for many good strategies beside electri-fryer setups
Especially toons like Archie fletcher, Megan and Dave are now more likely to be seen in 14pt due to their abilities and/or usability with fists

So… What is your opinion about fists?

Found any awesome setups for 14, 20 or 26 pt matches?

Or do you think they totally ruin the game?

If anyone wants to play - just send invites

With friendly regards