First time on the Forums

(Kiga) #1

I’ve actually been around since November 2015, but only now have I actually created an account to go on the forums.

Just thought I’d say hi to the remaining people here and might frequent to look around-- although not much happens.

I guess I can start a bit of a conversation-- lately I have been playing as a Vassili and it’s actually been a blast. There is nothing more satisfying as hitting a headshot or just holding your own against a toxic player(s).
Yesterday I was having a bit of a rivalry with some guy and I eventually came out on top - mans had nothing to say after that. Today is my 6th day committed to playing Vassili and I would say I am getting better, but not as good as some other players I have encountered.

Also, is it just me? Or are most of the snipers you meet actually cool people? I’ve met a fair share so far and almost all of them have been pretty nice-- sometimes they even pick me up when I get downed.

So if any of you guys are on here-- how’s it going boys? I hope you have a good rest of your day and a delicious dinner, lunch or breakfast.

(DarkangelUK) #2

Hello! Absolutely way too long to be lurking and not posting :grin:

Sadly the only counter to a good Vas is another good Vas, it’s a necessary evil! As long as you know when to switch it up then all is good :smile:

I’ve not been on DB for a while now, but mostly I medic or engineer… and it’s mostly medic because no one likes to play support anymore. Glad you’re still having fun (even if it is with snipers)


Yeah, snipers are not welcome here. :kappac4te_fw:

That’s kind of them, but hardly ever worth it since you get up with only a small amount of hp.

What region do you play on? If you are in the eu you may have seen me in-game, I still hop in from time to time.

(K1X455) #4

I would like to disagree, esteemed MOD.

I have more than one solution, besides counter-RECON, to that (actually, one for each archetype, the weakest being objective specialists)…

because I believe SD has balanced the game well enough for “able players” to counter everything on any situation. The caveat is “able players”… and I know detractors will be keen to pull “a one-v-one” on me to make me prove my point but, again, they miss a point that DB is not street fighter or tekken.

SD has balanced the game to a point of circular perfection, it has become one of it’s downfall that other players fail to appreciate and severely make unfair criticism regarding DB (the “rock-paper-scissors” argument of 2016-2017).

This, game design is one of the things that distinguishes DB from the rest… and what like Tyrion Lanister said…

(jemstar) #5

A Kira laser of love sorts out snipers!