First gaming system you owned

(Mc1412013) #1

My first system was sega genesis. I still have the one i got as a kid in the early 90s as well as every game i had.
Followed by a nintendo which brokoe but got replaced years later around early 2000s
First handheld was game gear when it first came out which i have somewhere scratched realy bad but still works but it uses 6 bateries that i dont feel like killing.

First pc was a 486dx with a whopping 16 megs of ram and ati rage 3d graphics card and sound blaster graphics. Still using soundblaster sound cards to this date.

Im not that old only in my late 30’s

(FalC_16) #2

My dad owned Atari ST and my first game was Starglider. Man the game was of a size of one discette. Good ol memories for childhood.

(henki000) #3

Commodore 64, got it from my father at the end of 90’s. It had C-Cassette and floppy disk. Castlevania and Spy Hunter were my favorites. Sadly, it has been lost in time.

(JonBongNoJovi) #4

Atari 2600 , Decathlon blisters for days , Still got my BBC micro working also which i still play Elite on ,

(bgyoshi) #5

Bunch of oldies in here

SNES was the first and NES came shortly after. My parents got them in reverse order for whatever reason.

(Runeforce) #6

Sinclair Spectrum
Commodore +4
Atari Lynx
Atari ST
IBM compatible 8086 and later 386DX

(CyberVonCyberus) #7

Boy, I feel like a kid intruding on an adult’s conversation with everyone talking about these old retro consoles that came before 2000.

In my case, my first gaming system was my grandfather’s computer, I don’t quite remember the brand but it was one of these white, plastic covered computers with a box screen, the first games I played were some of these CGI ‘educational’ kid ganes, though I found it pretty boring to keep on replaying them since there was no videogames stores in my city back then (yay for third world countries) and instead I would play Nitrome browser games, I loved these.

(Chilled Sanity) #8

Game Boy Advance

Though I’m retarded and sold it after 6 months.

Now I wanna kill myself.