Fire Support Guide

(SweetGenocide) #1

So, i noticed there aren’t so many threads about Fire supports so i decided to do one:

  1. Always give out ammo - Please, for the love of god GIVE. AMMO. I saw a lot of people as Skyhammer,Arty,Stoker or Kira that dont give out Ammo so please if you see that icon ontop of someone that need ammo please just press the E button or whatever you have it bound on.

  2. (Stoker and Kira) Always place the Ammo Station in visibile places. - When i play Kira i want to help my teammates and place the ammo station close to them, but for some reason they decline it, and sometimes i see a lot of people using they’re secondary weapon and don’t even get close to the ammo station to get resuplied.

  3. Use your air support abilties - Fire supports have heavy artillery abilties with them, except Stoker, try using them out and try using your brain to get good placements.

  4. Find perfect zones to use the air support abilities - When playing Arty,Kira or Skyhammer always search a good placement for the air support abilities, for example: Chapels last objectives building ; Markets attackers spawn point and so on.

  5. Stick in the frontlines - Fire supports are frontline mercs, always keep an eye out for the allies ammo bar, but don’t always stay in the frontlines they dont have so over powered weapons like Fragger or Thunder, they have Rifles or Burst rifles. With do a really, really great damage. A perfect headshot with all the bullets from a burst weapon can instantly kill someone.

(So yeah thats my guide i hope its not to… crappy <-<;;; )