Finishing missions consumes Reroll tokens?

(Jonesy1221) #1

Hello there,

maybe I’m just dumb, and the game is supposed to work this way.
But I noticed that everytime I finish my 3 contracts and click on the NEXT button, it consumes a Reroll token.
If I have none, I have to pay 60 Rads to get new missions.
Is that working as intended, which would be BS. Or is it a bug rather?



(Jonesy1221) #2

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(Kirays) #3

That is working as intended.

(Jonesy1221) #4

alright, thanks Kirays.
It’s just a stupid way to deal with missions then.
But I’m just a grumpy person who doesn’t like the new style missions the least tiny bit.

Fair enough.


Yeah, contracts are an absolute meme. My biggest annoyance with them is that you actually have to leave your match to switch them once you finish them instead of just switching out automatically like previous missions

(ThePigVomit) #6

Nope. In the wait screen, click your avatar that shows the mission progress. If they’re all complete there is a ‘next’ button that will reroll them.

I’ve used it, it works. Didn’t have to leave the lobby.


Huh, really? I never noticed lol.

Still, wish it just did it automatically as long as you have a token.

(HadronZodiac) #8

Agreed, you lose the fun server ur in and the +30% just to reroll them, i think at the end of a match if ur done with them all it should just ask u (in like a new tab or sum)