Fine tuning update release notes - 4th september, 2017

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Hey all!

This Fine Tuning Update contains a selection of bug fixes across the board, including:


[li]Altered the colors in the Play menu, so that Casual Mode better aligns with the game’s visual language[/li][/ul]


[li]Fixed bug where the in-game font would not support Chinese characters[/li][li]Fixed bug where the screen could briefly be obstructed by the gun when spawning[/li][li]Fixed bug where players would remain in the matchmaking search for a short period after closing the game[/li][li]Fixed bug where it was difficult to see Javelin’s rocket when firing her Rocket Launcher straight ahead[/li][li]Fixed bug where Commander voice lines would not play when destroying pylon A on Dome[/li][li]Fixed bug where Javelin’s Smart Ammunition Armor ability was not always disabled by Phantom’s EMP[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shar-C reload animation was not playing correctly in third person[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Tactical Combat Axe would clip into Javelin’s hands[/li][li]Fixed bug where the scoreboard was not sorted by XP in the post-game lobby[/li][li]Fixed bug where team chat would appear in the wrong color in the pre-game lobby[/li][li]Fixed bug where players were sometimes prompted to “accept” Casual Matchmaking games[/li][li]Fixed bug where players could not change Mercs in a ranked lobby[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Update Notification pop up was overlapped by the Play Button[/li][li]Fixed bug where player names would disappear from the chat messages in the post-game lobby[/li][li]Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a searching-for-match state[/li][li]Fixed bug where more than 6 players could join a party[/li][li]Fixed bug where Vote to surrender would be enabled after 3 min instead of 5 min[/li][/ul]


[li]Chat will not pop up telling players why matchmaking searches are cancelled.[/li][LIST]
[li]This can happen when searching with a penalty, or if no servers are found[/li][/ul]


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seems we’ll need a hotfix