Fine tuning update release notes - 19th july, 2017

(DarkangelUK) #1

Hey there!

In this Fine Tuning Update we are sanding off some of Turtle’s rough edges, as well as fixing a few other issues that have been lurking for a while.


[li]Fixed bug where the Shield would sometimes not award XP correctly[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shield could be placed inside an MG[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shield did not properly block damage from the owner’s C4[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shield appeared too opaque when viewed through IR Goggles[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shield would make enemies too difficult to see when viewed through IR Goggles[/li][li]Fixed bug where Healing Pulse could heal through enemy Shields[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Shield’s pulsing effect was not visible on minimal graphics[/li][li]Fixed bug where Turtle’s V-Says that did not have VO were not greyed out[/li][li]Fixed bug where friendly explosives did not damage the Shield on friendly fire servers[/li][/ul]


[li]Fixed bug where players would receive negative XP for enemy-inflicted damage[/li][li]Fixed bug where melee weapons were inconsistently[/li][li]Fixed bug where melee weapons would not register hit if touching a wall beforehand[/li][li]Fixed bug where the player could get stuck in the item throwing animation until they were depleted[/li][li]Fixed bug where the wrong enemy weapon could appear after being killed[/li][/ul]

Numerous small visual, text, audio and collision fixes


[li]Fixed bug where clients could crash upon joining servers at the end of match[/li][li]Fixed bug where players in Ranked could sometimes be forced to play a completed match again[/li][/ul]


[li]Fixed bug where Turtle’s PDA showed “Click to Continue” even after players had seen the help screens[/li][li]Fixed bug in Ranked where disabled Mercs did not have a distinct border[/li][/ul]

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