FFS why

(Heskan) #1

This post got a liiitle bit longer than expected, but please read it.

Find this game 2 days ago.
Start playing.
Nice graphics, easy mechanics, basically played nothing else the last two days.
Expect to have a playerbase of like a few million people.
Wonder why I never heard of it, so look for it.
Find out the active player count is like 400, game will eventually die.
This is one of the best games I have ever seen, from graphics over gameplay to the mercs etc.
So why tf is it so unpopular.
Don’t stop playing this, the potential of this game is amazing and rediculously high, I think what this game beeded and still needs is a dhit ton of advertisement. So, as I seem to be one of the few prople even knowing thie game, I hope ya’ll read it.
Devs, I understand yout decision and it wqs the right thing to do. But, if you want to keep those 500 player count up, you’ll have to do at least some adgertisement! Nobody knows that this wonderful game even exists! It has everything a good game needs, your problem is it’s low to non existant popularity!
This game probably missed it chance to become super hyped due to the lack of ads, but I should not die like this. Put some of your last effort and resources into animating some ads, publishing them on YT etc gor some time so thewe few players here around the globe have at least a few bunch of people to play with.
A stupid game with shitty grapgics, sgitty mechanics etc like FORTNITE gets hyped as ■■■■ while a creative and entertaining game like this lies in the dust and dies alone.
Don’t let it end like this.
Same for you non devs who read this. Tell everyone you know avout this wonderful game you found for free! You can help as well via spreading it.
There is still hope this game won’t die.
Just some ads are missing.
Good games have an end, only the best still gonon even after development.
This sjould ve one of these.
It can still be.
Keep on fighting for it.
Just don’t let it come to an end.
Just don’t.

(Mustang) #2

Welcome to the forum.

What game are you talking about?

(Raviolay) #3

A lot of people had already played DB before and had already made their mind up about the game. So the player numbers were never going to jump up to sustainable levels. Besides the monetisation was always borked. The card system even though it’s wasn’t pay to win appeared so to the layman. An overly large Merc pool, coupled with weapons not specifically tided to an individual. So Weapon A that was tuned for Merc B suddenly became broken on Merc C. Because the team were forced to shoehorn diversity in loadouts to make the card system attractive. Actual cosmetic items were few and far between. Because again rather than make cosmetic items for a smaller pool of mercs. Whole new mercs were churned out. That were always going to be more labour intensive. And conversely made the game harder to balance in addition to the weapons issue. Maps were all too often reworked, rather than putting in resources for new maps. Lowering the amount of content to play, increasing player apathy . “Two” modes that play almost identical, needlessly splitting the playerbase. With an actual mode that was abandoned after only getting a smattering of content. Still the game will be totally free and hopefully we can rent out servers again :slight_smile: