Ferrarity: Bridge SP map.

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(ronboy) #2

Thanks for sharing that here, Vicpas. Let’s hope that Ferrarity finishes this map.

(ronboy) #3

Vicpas has uploaded a walkthrough video for this map! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #4

Vicpas has uploaded a gameplay video of Ferrarity’s unfinished map called Excavation! You can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #5

Yo$hik has uploaded a playthrough for Ferrarity’s unfinished maps called Bridge and Excavation in “extreme quality”! You can watch it on my website here:

(vicpas) #6

These maps will be finished in another future project.

(melc_av) #7

By who? Any details?

(vicpas) #8

I don’t know yet and i hope someone take these maps and finish them.

(melc_av) #9

Hope so. In fact, for a second I thought is another project in progress which will include Tower map by Nexsus aswell.
I saw you said in comments to tower map 2, on your youtube channel, that someone included this map in another project.

(vicpas) #10

Tower by Nexus will be added on Dritte Front sp project by Horst.

(melc_av) #11

I see… Thanks Vic

(melc_av) #12

Hi Vic,
Do you have more unfinished maps from Nexus?
Seems to be/was very talentated mapper. Prison and tower maps proves that.

(vicpas) #13

No, I have not.
I think Nexus made only these two levels.

(melc_av) #14

thanks a lot

(vicpas) #15

Demo version:
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3: