FEL-IX weapon switch bug still not fixed

(frostyvampire) #1

Type of Bug: Gameplay
Description: When firing the FEL-IX, you cannot weapon switch or reload for about half a second. It may not seem like much but it’s gamebreaking. I included a video and I turned on my mic and put it really close to my keyboard, if you turn up the volume a bit you can hear me mashing the keys on the keyboard (I mashed the “2” key twice and the “3” key twice in the video, ignore the last clip because I forgot to mash anything there xD)

Steps to reproduce: Go Aimee/Vassili with a FEL-IX loadout card, fire with it and try to weapon switch instantly
Result: No matter how many times you press the button to switch your weapon or reload (by default: Q, 2, 3 or R), nothing happens and you take a few bullets before being able to escape
Expected result: You should be able to instantly weapon switch after firing without being vulnerable for about half a second. You can try to do the same with the MoA SNPR-1 to see how it should be (unless the update broke it too, which I highly doubt it did, it should work fine with the instant weapon switch)
Reproduction rate: 10/10

I also included 3 examples of this happening ingame, in all 3 attempts I was mashing the “2” or “3” keys after shooting. The brightness is a bit messed up because I took these clips by trimming the video I got using shadowplay and Windows 10 video software seems to mess up the brightness if you trim videos there.

In the first example, I died because I wasn’t able to escape, I would’ve probably died anyways but the bug didn’t even give me a chance because I lost about half of my health before even being able to switch to my knife.

In the second example, I legshot a Kira and tried to switch to my pistol to finish her off. If she were a little bit better at the game I would’ve died to her as a result of the bug. I can also argue that I could’ve killed the other Kira too if I didn’t panic as a result of the bug.

In the third example, I pushed up trying to kill Nader, but then the enemy Skyhammer (I think it was him at least) started shooting me from the right, I managed to escape with 10hp but you can see that I lost about 30hp between the time period of me shooting Nader and switching to the knife. In a ranked match I would’ve been dead.