Farewell. DB

(FGunner) #1

I’ts sad to say good bye to this game.

I’ve played this game for 2 years and its time to say good bye…

I read a post which was titled ’ Future of Dirty bomb’ . And Im sure this game is dead now…
SD told they’re gonna refund all merc pack DLC by January.

But I got 2 questions about refund.

  1. I bought Elite Merc pack. Then I can only get money that i used to buy All merc pack? Couldn’t I get a refund about Obsidian operative pack ?

  2. They wont refund other dlc packs?

I’m not sure I m going to play this game from now on. When Hunter released, I was so excited and thought this game will be going to be the
Best game in my game experience.

But 8 months later, this game is dead.

Farewell, Dirty Bomb.
I think I was lucky because I could get a chance to play this game for 2 years.

(Mc1412013) #2

Developement is dead but game it self isnt dead till sd pulls the plug and no one can play it looks like as long as people rent servers it will continue to be playable

(Meetrock) #3

If I remember correctly, they said that people who bought any merc pack after a certain date (I think the update prior to 1.0) are the ones that will be refunded. I’m not entirely sure, I’m as concerned as you are since I bought the veterans pack bach in last January for $20.

(DarkangelUK) #4

The only refund is for the All Merc Pack, no other merc packs are included in the refund option. The reason the All Merc Pack is being refunded is due to the fact it was marketed to give you all mercs plus all FUTURE mercs, but no more mercs were released.

(Meetrock) #5

Oh, so good bye my $20.

(Dirty Bomb player) #6

Luckily i never spent any money for this game :wink: