[Fan Art] My take on nader

(AdmiralTeddy) #1



Consider this an unfinished concept art.

I was originally drawing this per a request by @SirMurder but I no longer have the time or interest to finish it.

It was gonna have some winged eggs/nades which she controlled with her mind/special glove.
I was also gonna add a backpack of these “nades”, recolor her outfit to black and give her some facepaint.

Either way, this is it.


(Lel_Greco) #2

awesome work,

(Gatlinghawk) #3

elsa says “grenade party!”

(Dysfnal) #4

Her eyes are red and terrifying. I like it

Also, nice work

(BooryDarthNader) #5

And then there’s me who can only do a cartoonish art style.

Much love

(AdmiralTeddy) #6

Thanks everyone, just saw the comments <3

(CyberVonCyberus) #7

great drawing altough i don’t recognize nader too much but it still looks great non the less