FACEIT Points Rewards - DON'T WORRY!

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

I spoke about this on stream last night, but as not everyone watches (you really should, go follow us!) here’s the lowdown.

don’t worry about the FACEIT Points rewards. We know many of you are concerned as only a small amount of players will be earning points and buying skins.

It’s all going to change!

When the system went live default values were selected as a starting point. I’m currently working on our plans for the future with FACEIT and I’m taking your feedback into account.

If you have anything else you would like to see different or updated on FACEIT, let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to work the feasible (and appropriate) ones into what I’m hoping to accomplish with the feature.

Also, please SHARE this post to those who are concerned and let them know a lot of updates will be coming to FACEIT over the coming weeks to tailor it specifically for our players.

I want FACEIT to be a great place to play and a great feature to be apart of, so please, help me to achieve this for you :slight_smile:

(Bloodndeception) #2

As I know many people want this to be a replacement for ranked, I think the integration should reward for everyone, everyone wants to feel that playing was rewarding, nobody wants to play if they know they won’t reach top 10, that is exactly why I refused to touch Faceit. I am sure people also want Special Edition Loadout cards or melee skins, because without those, a lot of people feel it isn’t worth.

(Db Player ) #3

So since you seem open to inspiration, i will just throw a couple ideas in here:


-A very simple trinket with a number on it - representing the faceit leaderboard rank of the respective player.
Or maybe weaponskins made in the same manner.

-Some weapon/ merc skins purchaseable by paying with a currency that is earned by playing / having played dirty bomb FACEIT games.

-There should be generic rewards every player can achieve but also rewards that are achieved for being a skillfull player.

-It would be awesome if every player that has played more then like 10 to 20 games would get a fancy loadout for their (3) most played merc(s) in that season.

I hope fragger gets the edgy treatment aswell someday. Because as a fragger player i am a little jealous on the proxy and aura skin that really have seen some work, while nader and fragger just had a generic texture applied to their obsidian versions.

(Db Player ) #4


“I want FACEIT to be a great place to play and a great feature to be APART of”

Pun intended?

(Begin2018) #5

It’s too late, most people already left FaceIt and more generally the 1.0. Rewards are the kind of things you have to think about BEFORE releasing.

Everyone around me think it’s stupid to be limited at 2 party members. And why not drop FaceIt box as it was in Ranked? If you add to this the server crash, can’t connect to party, black screen when joining… FaceIt and DB 1.0 are born dead.

You should rename the game version Dirty Bomb 1.0alpha

(Noblemight) #6

I believe what people want from faceit is a feeling of fair competition which can be lacking most of the time in the base game. Personally, I wish you didn’t launch faceit with a leaderboard or rewards, the system is far from complete and that just raises and dashes hopes before the system can really show us what it’s got.

If you guys can create an environment that measures the performance of players and leaves arbitrary statistics like wins and streaks out of it, that would be excellent. I don’t want to be reminded of how lucky I am, just how well I play the game.