Extremely long loadings before the match (+PROPOSAL of problem)

(SlyFirefly) #1

“Dirty Bomb” is loading sometimes very-very long. I can wait some time in the barracks, for example - when I am loking at mercs, their cards etc. But when your team is assembled, the map is on the screen and you need to choose mercs I have very-very long loadings! Usually I even haven’t got enough time to pick suitable mercs because of long loadings. Just look:
You need to click some buttons three times if you want to change some merc.
I.) You click on merc you would like to change;
Loading takes long seconds…
II.) You click on merc you would like to pick instead;
Loading takes some more seconds…
III.) You choose suitable loadout card or just press “Change merc”.
And we wait again.
So, usually I can’t make this all in time and my squad go to the match unchanged. I don’t know exactly why it is so.

One of possible solution is (I was thinking about it for long):
We could make some preferred squads for each side in the every single maps. For example:

  1. Skyhammer with loadout card, Phoenix with loadout card and Stoker with loadout card in CHAPEL as CDA;
  2. Nader with LC, Aura with LC and Turtle with LC in UNDERGROUND as Jackal;
  3. Rhino with LC, Phantom with LC and Aura with LC in BRIDGE as Jackal.