Extra supplies and recharge for Guardian

(f4wn) #1

Is there any difference between extra supplies and recharge except the %age (20 vs 15 if I’m not wrong) on Guardians loadouts ?

(frostyvampire) #2


I’m probably wrong so just forget my post. I tried to make it strikethrough but it didn’t work for some reason so I’ll just delete it

(f4wn) #3

Ty for your answer but I’m pretty sure that you are wrong.
I tested it and recharge decreases the CD duration of the drone (even the CD when you reclaim it) and the CD duration of the bionic glove.
Sadly, without the good loadout i cant test extra supplies effects.

(Ptiloui) #4

Extra supplies should decrease the CD of her Bionic Pulse, while Recharge should decrease the CD of the Air Shield.

(f4wn) #5

Recharge decreases all cd duration including bionic glove. Knowing that the sky shield gives xp support, extra supplies should works on it too.
So basically, extra supplies reduces all guardian cd like recharge does but by 20%, not only 15%…
I don’t see the point in this.

(l2c) #6

Think Recharge applies to all abilities (so lower %), while Extra is support abilities only (so higher %). Does she have any non-support abilities tho?

(Ptiloui) #7

@l2c said:
Think Recharge applies to all abilities (so lower %), while Extra is support abilities only (so higher %). Does she have any non-support abilities tho?

And need to know too if they are additive or multiplicative.
Like oyu end up having a 30% CD reduction or first 20%, then 10% of the resulting CD.

(f4wn) #8

@l2c said:
Think Recharge applies to all abilities (so lower %), while Extra is support abilities only (so higher %). Does she have any non-support abilities tho?

No she has not. That’s why i say recharge is useless compare to extra supplies for her.


I wouldn’t be so fast as to classify the shield as a support ability. If anything it’s an engineer ability in my opinion, but that’s offset by the fact that Guardian’s revive ability makes her quite easily a medic.

I’d probably attach Lock-On and Steady to Guardian over Extra Supplies.

(CombatMist) #10

WOW JUST WOW. I guess not 1 of you actually read the patch notes on guardian release. At the bottom it says that the devs know that steady/supplies are broken and that extender works but does not visually show it.

I can tell you 100% that recharge effects both sky shield and bionic pulse. Here is how it works. The max default cool down on bionic pulse is 10 seconds. This like phoenix you need to hold it down longer than a full charge. As such recharge in effect treats it as though the cool down is 10 seconds so it always reduces it by 1 second regardless of a tap, full charge or over charge. Supplies they list as not working for bionic pulse. Which would be in line for supplies on pheonix also being for his charged ability. In theory if supplies worked it would reduce the cool down by a flat 2 seconds making tap revive cool down a stupidly fast 1 second and a full charge only 4 seconds!

Recharge is for both and supplies for bionic pulse. If in a vacuum of just those 2 and if the perks worked I would pick supplies. If not in a vacuum then supplies is only on 1 card and recharge is on 3 cards. Which gives recharge more options. Also there is the ultimate card of Hu52 with both recharge and get up which is the only card to have more than 1 perk for the bionic pulse which combines together great. Similar to my favorite pheonix card having both supplies and potent packs. In effect its the same. 10% cool down + 30% hp instead on guardian instead of the phoenix of 20% cool down + 20% hp. Recharge helps sky shield by 2 seconds which after it times out is 8 second wait instead of 10 which is great. Instead of 10 seconds it 8 which in effect is actually 20% cool down since it rarely is destroyed.

Ive tested steady several times and confirm it 100% does not work. Easy to test since guardian can hurt/kill her own drone so you can do it on any server/mode.

(CombatMist) #11

Supplies is fixed now! I have not confirmed it as on vacation but It sure is about time they fixed it. Guardian should not have been released with several broken perks and line of sight bug on bionic pulse. Glad they now finally realize this and have a longer timeline for hunter. They should follow Blizzards R&D schedule. If it aint ready we dont release it! Its better to release a merc/map ect a few weeks late rather than it have crippling bugs you are fully aware of. Hope they figure this out for future mercs and put them on a 8 week release time frame instead of 6. Hunter it sounds like will actually be closer to 12 weeks. Which is fine to release 4 new mercs a year until they get the game in good working order. Then as they have resources and players release content sooner but only when its ready.