Extra Cases Week

(Begin2018) #1

I see absolutely no difference in case drop than usually. Two times zero is still zero. This event looks useless.


You might just be unlucky. They are still RNG drops after all

(Xenithos) #3

Hm… sorry about your luck mate, I’ve gotten a few already.

(Begin2018) #4

The event started 2 days ago and I noticed only today because of the count down timer. Otherwise I didn’t noticed at all. Played 3 hours today and got one case, maybe I got one case yesterday too, I don’t even remember, but can’t say it’s unusual and give any reason to play more. Especially when the few cases contains Bronze loadout I already own (I own 200 of them, gen 1 and gen 2).

(HadronZodiac) #5

~3 hours of gameplay = 1-2 crates

Honestly if it was ~1 crate per hour id be chillen (some dedicated players could make bank)

also ik its rng, i just like putting chance into ratios

(Jigstraw) #6

i’ve gotten 5 since the event started, including one or two from advancement crates

(K1X455) #7

10~12 stopwatch matches makes 1 drop… or approximately 3~4 hours of game play.

(alphabeta) #8

I have got squat. It seems like less rather than more.

(HadronZodiac) #9

From binging, i have officially made an average of 2 cases per day

excluding the weapon cases which have no real use, i just have a max of 2 of each time, recycle the extras

(no body has the deterimination, time, or money to get enough keys for those things)