(Sairdontis) #1

Not sure what section of the forums to put this so here it is.

So I was running around on different mercs and began to notice something very odd and it doesn’t seem to matter what merc I am playing when this happens.

Alright, so I am running around doing doing the scouting one match and I pop around a corner and in comes a grenade from Nader. My thinking “I’m dead” and as a knee jerk reaction I jump and the grenade goes off directly below me and nothing happens?? My first reaction is random glitch and I believe I posted it to the devs. Though this has happened many times since with every type of explosives with the exception of the OBJ C4. It is strange that I could survive with no damage at all from and explosive going off directly under me with me just jumping a very short distance above it.


(Szakalot) #2

how sure are you the nade exploded directly underneath? maybe it bounced and exploded somewhere behind you?

i have never seen this happen myself, in 1000+hours

(pHine4s) #3

Maybe you are just naturally talented evading the nades, good on you.
I even get splash damage by just observing someone else being naded …

(Sairdontis) #4

Sorry for the late response.

The grenades were/are directly below me and explode . I won’t what the exact aoe damage radius for grenades and explosives? Maybe it is an inconsistant area edge (not sure, not a dev).

Now as far as I understand if you jumping off walls and the bomb goes off it is supposed to miss? After this post I have seen this happen with friends as well: Nade jump, explode, nothing (same with wall jump, but with bomb directly under). Is the explosive graphic not represently fully the explosives’ effects?