Execution my thoughts

(Nota) #1

I use to play a lot of this game mode back when I started the game mainly because I was a player coming from csgo, however I do this mode is pretty solid and requires team strategy as well good Merc picks to have a solid match for example, if you are defending you would most likely want a bushwhacker or poxy on your team as they can not only defuse but setup traps, and if you are attacking you want a phoenix or fragger on your team to push enemies out of cover or destroy there taps/devicee.But this game mode is not perfect and I have an idea of how it can be Improved .

The general map design is not the problem in my opinion, but could use some improvements however due to the game mechanics of dirty bomb maps can be too open as it makes games longer and reduces cover plus it will be difficult to take sites as a team as there will be a load of angles to check, but they cannot be too small either as this will restrict movement so there needs to be a balance in both.

And that’s pretty much it, feel free to comment and say if you agree or disagree or have any other suggestions on how execution could be improved