Execution mode, home of the AFKers

(Tom2160) #1

Okay so I know many people HATE the execution mode missions however now I notice pretty much every game I play that there is an AFKer. I believe the cause of this is because people can’t be bothered to do the mission therefore they just AFK in the match to get the amount of rounds they need to complete the mission.

To combat this problem I think that an ANTI-AFK system should be implemented to remove these AFK players.

The system would work quite simply by just automatically removing a player from the game if they stand still for a certain period of time, perhaps 1 minute.

Another way we could fix this problem would be to change the certain amount of rounds to a certain amount of score perhaps:
-500 credits = 3000
-750 credits = 4500
-1000 credits = 6000

I hope the devs address this issue as it also causes one sided execution mode matches since a player isn’t doing anything and the vote kick system isn’t really effective since half the team can’t be bothered to press F1.

P.S Seriously guys if you can’t be asked to do the mission don’t resort to AFKing simply remove the mission or “just do it!” <–Sponsored by Nike. Jk :wink:

(PleasantWheat) #2

Yeah that sounds way better, I feel your pain regarding AFKers. Carrying is bad enough without having to drag dead weight like that around

(LifeupOmega) #3

Execution is boring as shit and 30 rounds is too much for a mode with no depth to it, idk why it hasn’t been changed yet.

(xRotting) #4

At worst case the system could issue an auto vote-kick sequence when it detects inactivity from a player (lets say a whole round). Also off topic though a single class restriction on each team could make execution a little more interesting.

(kopyright) #5

Similar suggestions pop up every now and then, and the one big downside is that you might end with a bad medic blocking the medic slot for everybody else. Votekicks seem to work better in Execution than in other modes, though, so that might not be that much of a problem compared to Stopwatch or Objective.

(extraordinaryEmperor) #6

They should just get rid of the playmode missions. I drop execution missions whenever I get them, but I can understand some people afking for the credits seeing that I have 100k in excess.

(Orivar) #7

Why do you play this mode? I just delete my mission right away.