Execution: How to improve it?

(Rewolf) #1

Before people start saying they should remove it, I know a lot of you don’t like Execution for different reasons (some of which are reasonable, some of which are less reasonable), but I like it though it could use some refinement. That’s why I created this topic for the devs and us, as a community, so we can stick our heads together and come up with possible improvements for this game mode so it could become better!
Now, for my suggestion: If you’re going to ‘copy’ S&D from games like CS:GO, copy their economics system as well. In fact, I believe DB lends to this quite well through the Loadouts cards. But how, you might ask?

  • Let every player start with a Default Loadout (so no augments). At the end of the round their XP is calculated into an amount of $ with which they can buy higher loadout cards for the mercs they have (in ranking of Lead, Iron and Bronze). You could make all Loadout Cards available from the Lead/Iron/Bronze stash but depending on how good a card is (for example, Sawbonez’s Bronze CR73 is seen better as his Bronze BL82) you could make a card expensive/cheaper. This way you let all players start on an equal base so all that matters is aim + game knowledge. Still an advantage to players knowing the game, but less so, since they don’t start out with more augments per se. Bonus to this would be that it would make the game a more tactical play because (as in CS) you have to carefully decide which Loadout you will buy, considering you also need enough $ for a good buy next round. Also, this would give new players (who are introduced in this mode after all) the chance to try out different Loadouts on mercs and thus experiencing what works for them instead of possibly making a wrong Loadout buy for their credits or money, which could be upsetting.
  • Take the above economic system/option, but instead of working with buying Loadouts, you get to buy mercs. Depending on how good a merc is rated his/her price is either higher or lower. Some tactical bonus added to the game as mentioned above, as well as that this option gives players the chance to try out different mercs before having to buy them.
  • Merge the above 2 options together.

The advantage of such a system would be (I think) that players could feel like they’re being treated more like equals because at the start there wouldn’t be a clear advantage in loadouts/augments (I’ve seen players get set off because they only had a Iron card and several opponents had Gold+ cards). Plus this could tune in well with ECHO, since they could track which mercs/Loadouts are bought the most in such a game mode and depending on that they could change the required prices.

Discuss, or post your ideas! (serious ones please, we want to help the devs further and I dont think they are going to pull the plug on this mode, so we might as well try to improve it as best as we can)

(Aazhyd) #2

No no no. Don’t copy something verbatim because you got used to that other game.

I just wanna play and dont want to be forced to buy stuff each round.

There are also more games that have a similar game mode, but not identical. CoD and AVA, for instance.

(SereneFlight) #3

How to improve Execution:

  1. Remove it
  2. Forget about it
  3. Start working on Base Race
  4. Profit!!!
    : 3

(HoopleDoople) #4

Aren’t there enough stomps in Execution without allowing the superior team to build up an even bigger advantage by obtaining superior loadouts? And how would making the mode even more complicated and unintuitive with a money system make Execution more beginner friendly? Of all the things to steal from Counter-Strike its godawful money system should be at the bottom of the list.

A far better solution would be to improve matchmaking and splitting the Execution servers. Keeping the newbies away from the veterans would give everyone a better experience.

I have a few other suggestions how to improve Execution:

  1. Stop trying to make Execution the newbie mode. Go with Objective or design a new mode that is actually beginner friendly.
  2. Get rid of “Win X Rounds” missions. The only thing these missions add to the game is increased toxicity.
  3. Create additional maps. The existing ones are fine but only having two maps gets stale fast, even when you only play Execution once or twice a day.
  4. Consider switching sides every 3 rounds. 6 rounds in a row on one side gets kind of old.
  5. Use experience multipliers to make Execution equally rewarding compared to Objective and Stopwatch. Additional ways to earn game mode experience would also be helpful, particularly for offense.

(ImSploosh) #5

I love Execution mode. I’m not sure why people hate it so much. Hell, it’s essentially the only mode I play. It lacks maps, and I think the current maps need somewhat of an overhaul. They only have a few paths to take. I’d like to see Market and Overground open up a bit. Maybe allow people to utilize the parkour element of Dirty Bomb a bit more, like remove the invisible walls.

Currently, Execution is similar to AVA, which I do like as AVA was one of the greatest F2P FPS games I’ve ever played (died due to a P2W system being implemented, lack of true support with Aeria games, similar to how Nexon will kill Dirty Bomb in the future).

I agree with Hoople above with all those suggestions.

Also, I think the map “Dome” would be suited nicely as an Execution map in some way. It might be slightly too large as it is, but I’m sure it can be scaled down or divided into 2 maps.

In no way should anything be copied from CS:GO. Dirty Bomb is its own game. If anything, some notes should be taken from AVA, probably the most similar game currently.

(ZGToRRent) #6

COD doesn’t have economy.

People don’t like execution because 1 life modes are not designed to this game. Everybody has abilities, someone can have more health, someone not. It’s easy to stack team with snipers, skyhammers, stokers and fraggers. Even medics are not helpfull as they should be.

Where is solution to make it better?

  1. Highlander mode or
  2. Add Spawn waves or
  3. No ability regen

(LifeupOmega) #7

Just remove execution and add arena respawn.

(suaveQuiver) #8

i Loved Call of duty 1. I’t saved me from my 5 year addiction to counterstrike. Since COD 1 i have always hated the economy of counterstrike. Just let people choose their loadout before the round starts, just as it is now.

(PorkyPerson) #9

I like execution as it is, but unbalanced teams will be the death of this game.

Imagine if the teams were shuffled every round so that everybody got an equal number of attack and defense rounds, but with shuffled teammates. The match winners would be the ones who won the most rounds.

(Hexwall) #10

Making some mercs more expensive than others because they are “better” is very opinionated.

Execution is fine, but they MUST fix the unbalanced issue and make more maps. Gets boring pretty fast

(infinitePiano) #11

Bruh. You’re just copying CS into DB. DB is nowhere near CS right now. And if they keep copying, its going south. Just remove execution because it doesnt belong to DB. This game isnt weak for it to keep copying other games to stay alive. Thats bs

(RedBeard) #12

[quote=“SereneFlight;111784”]How to improve Execution:

  1. Remove it
  2. Forget about it
  3. Start working on Base Race
  4. Profit!!!
    : 3[/quote]

Sadly there are enough people POPULATE the servers; They are not going to remove it. Enjoy!

(solace_) #13

I think the key to improving execution is not in adding some crazy (not necessarily bad) economy system, but in improving the game as it is right now and then looking at the general situation.

For one thing, the maps need to be balanced between attackers and defenders, there are too many choke points that make explosive spam unbelievably annoying, and in that, put an incredible amount of favour on certain mercs (fragger, nader, kira, arty, fletcher). There needs to be a bit of a more open play style and the reason I say that is that is the way the rest of the game in built. Taking the same mercs from OBJ and putting them in exectution does not work a lot of the time because the maps are built completely differently. This is not the only balance issue though there are other things which can make either side unbalanced.

Secondly, there needs to be more maps. Rotating between the two maps currently get boring very fast especially when most people clearly favour one over the other. For me, I really don’t like market because of the insane choke points which seriously limit my playstyle. Also, the map is pretty bland compared to overground unfortunately.

Basically, they need to work on the game as it is now and maybe in the future they can consider making drastic changes. Just my opinion anyway.