Execution C4 exploit or not?

(jemstar) #1

Oke for those of us that love execution you will be aware of the C4 exploit that has been discovered since Exe was bought back.

So I am talking about how you can plant the C4 away from the actual site if you know how to do it!

Now what I am wondering is how players feel about it.

  • Is it just some fun?
  • Is it cheating?
  • Is it in poor sportsmanship?
  • Is it a valid way of using the game’s parameters to advantage?

For me I tend to be of the thinking that its more of an ‘Easter Egg’ than an exploit or glitch. It is not achieved through hax or witchery, just knowing what keys and mouse buttons to press and where to do it from. For me I can’t see how it’s a glitch. How do you accidentally put into the game a set of key strokes and button presses that result in planting C4 on the move?

I agree it could be seen as bad form, especially when you plant on top of boxes too high for the average player to reach. So I would say I am happy with it if you plant where it is reasonable that the average player can get to it.

Planting high up out of reach of average players is not only bad form but suggests that a smol pingus is being compensated for!

When the C4 exploit is used many scream HAAAAAAX!

I don’t think it can be considered hax, but:

  • should it be allowed or should admins on servers punished players that use it?
  • should it be allowed to be used anywhere including high places? or,
  • should it only be used if placed in reasonably reachable places?

What do we think?

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

I barely see anyone use it in the games i play, but usually when people use it the map layout doesnt give better areas except mabye for corners.

Only if its Proxy or Fragger

(Mc1412013) #3

Depends if were loosing or the games stacked then yes

(jemstar) #4

Yeah generally the High box plant is poor sportsmanship but if you are losing badly I can turn a blind eye. also you are fairly exposed while running around planting so snakes and ladders!