EV stucking?

(Blackideflecki) #1

Stcuk so often in or at the EV and can’t get forward because the Hitbox was to great.

(NLxDoDge) #2

Type of Bug: Gameplay
Description: Players get stuck on EV with weird hitboxes walking to the side (Front and back)
Video / Screenshot:
Steps to reproduce: The EV can be moving or standing still, walk in line with it but just towards it a little bit, you can get stuck on the front and back.
Result: Player can only move backwards to get out, getting killed often because of this (Repairing and such).
Expected result: Walking past it with nothing happening.
Reproduction rate:
It’s not ever time.

(Mc1412013) #3

There aware. They claim its a huge fix thats not a priority at the moment.