EV MG Glitch

(Splicerrr) #1

Type of Bug: Gameplay bug
Description: We were escorting the ev up towards the end point on the map bridge. My teammate was on the mg nest firing and got shot off and got killed. The ev continued to move but the MG froze there and made the mg firing noise constantly. After the ev completed its run. It was still stuck there, until 2 deaths later it returned to the ev and the firing noise stopped.
Video / Screenshot:

Steps to reproduce: Escort the ev towards the objective point, have someone shooting in the mg when almost near the point. Shoot the enemy off the mg.
Result: The MG comes off the ev and gets stuck in mid air.
Expected result: The Mg should have stayed on the ev lol.
Reproduction rate:(1/10)

(Splicerrr) #2

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