EU mature silver LFG

(Jan_PL) #1

Hi there! I recently decided to invest more time in DB (having played it on and off since closed beta) and would like to find a team.

I’m 30+ and that means 2 thing: I’d prefer a more mature company (which is not about age but behavior) and I can’t play everyday due to real life (I game a lot on weekends but during weekdays not so much).

My 10 placement matches got me into Silver 2 (I guess that isn’t bad for an old, slow and blind fart). Can play casual too but ranked is more exciting.

I usually play Sawbones, Stroker, Skyhammer and Thunder and I just got Phoenix. I’m that guy who always switches to medic when no one else does.

I have a working mic, can use TS3/discord/in-game/2 tin cans and a string/whatever.

Add me and hit me up if you want to play.