Eu looking for clan

(Nico554) #1

Looking for a clan that mostly plays cmm or stopwatch. I’m lvl 23 and have 228 hours in dirty bomb.

(Venrok) #2

Hi! I’m Venrok from UFP. To cut to the chase UFP is new in DB. We have an active community of over 9000 people on our forums but we currently have one player playing dirty bomb…me. If you would like to join me and get our Dirty Bomb division in UFP started then I would gladly take you, we mainly plan on being a casual clan but we can play ranked from time to time. We also have a fully functioning website and ts3 server. Other games that the community plays include Star Trek Online, WOW and Diablo 3. More information can be found on our website. Please reply to this thread if you are interested :D. We also mainly function in the UK timezone.

Venrok (UFP Event Manager and Staff Writer)
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(Nico554) #3

Yes I would like to join UFP, do you guys also use discord?