EU East Shutdown

(Moobabe) #1

Hey everyone,

Today, as part of our planned server shutdown schedule, we are going to be closing our Moscow server machine. This will mean that the whole of EU East will be taken offline.

Although there is continued support from a small but dedicated group of players in this region, the current player count is not enough to justify keeping a machine open. Anyone affected will still be able to play Dirty Bomb via the Frankfurt or London locations.

We understand that this will have an impact on those playing and are looking into possible solutions for rentable servers in this (and other) regions.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


(kittz0r) #3

Still no Communication… why you inform the Players on the Day of the Shutdown?

(Frew) #4

If u do find an option for server rentals in that area would that solution scale world wide?? I hear a lot of complaining in south amerca needing servers and the rest of the world will need to rent as servers as your servers are pulled

Hi @Mc1412013 - thanks for your question. It’s definitely the intention to find a rental server provider that operates in all regions, and I am in discussions with a provider who offers exactly this. There is no estimated date for this as of yet but it’s definitely something I am prioritising.

Still no Communication… why you inform the Players on the Day of the Shutdown?

Hi @kittz0r - thanks for your question. The server plan is flexible and as a result is prone to change. This, alongside influence by external factors being something I have to consider, means it’s not always the easiest (or best) idea to communicate the plan ahead of time. I am definitely aware that springing news like this on players is not ideal, but in the long run it’s better for the majority of people involved, both here in the studio and throughout the wider Dirty Bomb community.

I think it’s worth confirming as an answer to both questions that the end goal is still the same; to support the active player base as best we can whilst giving players an option to rent servers when they need to.

(Mc1412013) #5

So if you do find another one what will hapen to our multi play servers scheduled to be migrated end of this month will they still be activated or will they be shut down.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #6

We are very disappointed in this you must release Ember as a way to apologise :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mc1412013) #7

Yes and an event to go with it ember bqckstory could be part of the reason theres new servers

Ok no event but ember should be released. I would like to asume shes partialy finished anyway

(K1X455) #8

If they can’t reliably release a merc where they can just copy-paste the code to give DB a plain-jane shooting merc, how can they release another new one?

(Your worst knifemare.) #9

Or they can release some fancy obsidians like Sparps, Thunder, Guardy or Kira

(Mc1412013) #10

The most we will see is a credit boosted weekend at most

(kittz0r) #11

Actually shutting down Russian Servers and what not will lead to me not even wanting to play the Game anymore. It’s already bad enough with all the high pingers and glitches you get (like no hit reg or damage applied while getting hitsounds).

I mean why should i spent my Time with DB while 90% of the Players just warp around and the whole experience is just a lag fest?

Is not like players complained about that for the whole of Beta…

(alphabeta) #12

All the more reason for us to be able to rent servers where we want them

(Press E) #13

They already removed all monetization from the game so it’s not like whether you play or not matters in SD’s eyes. At this point the game might as well have 0 players for what they’re making from it.

It sucks, I don’t like it either, but at the end of the day they’re basically giving us free servers. Anything we get is better than the game just shutting down like they could have, and probably should have done from a business standpoint.

Shutting a game down is never going to be a pleasant experience after all

(Floris) #14

If the game had 0 players then the devs could save some more money by shutting down all the servers :slight_smile:

(Press E) #15

They could, that’s my point. In the eyes of a company, players = money. When players can’t spend money, there may as well be 0 of them. Sucks that DB has reached this point in the first place, but we should be glad we even have servers, not complaining when a few get shut down.

(Floris) #16

I agree with you, though keeping the game running also has some good PR value. A thousand or more people still play DB (peaking around 800 simultaneously online during the weekend), and I think SD would love to keep us engaged at least until their next major products are released.

Well, at least I want to keep playing DB until there is a proper successor :wink: hopefully the Asian region stays around until that time comes.

(K1X455) #17

I really don’t know how to view this, but it just sounds like decisions and actions are being made for convenience.

This is why I lost faith in what I thought was a good way of how SD is handling things.

(Frew) #18

I’m not really sure how to respond to that to be honest with you @K1X455. Convenience hasn’t been a deciding factor of any decision that I’ve seen made since I started assisting with the Dirty Bomb project in October, that’s for sure!

Regarding your second point, your feedback is key to improving this. There’s little I can do with that sentence alone, but if you’d like to talk about how you would improve things, please catch me on Discord and I’d be more than willing to hear your feedback.

(Mc1412013) #19

Problem is alot of the stuff promised or planned was left out becuse it was too hard. The db team had a few great ideas that we wanted to see put in game but were left out in favor of easier less popular things.

Its hard for me to beleive we will see ability to rent servers again based on sd past history with game. It would be eiser to let game die then give us tools and servers to keep game going for yrs to come

(Zolerox) #20

Even though the game is dieing there are people that still take time to “produce content” me and 2 friends had a crack at re-doing the “spray can icon”

I’m using this for my steam guide (mash up of all 3 of our work)