EU Competitive player looking for an Competetive Team

(XxRanxX) #1

Nickname : Ran
Roles : Overall Sawbones/Nader Crotzni. but took a liking to blishlock Aura/Fletcher

About myself

My real name is also Ran i am 23 years old and i live in the Netherlands.
I am into competitive games such as Dirty Bomb i like to get the most out of myself, mostly iam a straightforward guy i dont mind being mean as long as its honest.

My Activity

My profession is Butchering so my work times are from 4:30 am till 1 pm so iam mostly active during the afternoon till mostly 8 pm.

More Details

Lvl 93 in Dirty Bomb
Current rank : Cobalt Master
Game activity last 2 weeks :smile: 79 Hours
Overall aiming accuracy :35 / Recent matches 38 / 44 % accuracy

If my role doesn’t suit your team, don’t mind inviting me anyway. i can adapt, i like a challenge to prove myself.


Have you find anything yet ran? :wink: