[ETL] 'Supply Depot, by ginc'

(KeMoN) #1

‘Supply Depot, by ginc’

BSP name etl_supply_v2.bsp
Status version 2
Latest Release December 2020
Players 20 vs 20
Original map by ginc
Visual overhaul by kemon
Download Supply Depot, by ginc (v2)


Campaign: Submarine Depot

  1. ‘Supply Depot, by ginc’
  2. ‘Adlernest, by Dersaidin’ (planned)
  3. ’Bergen, by Detoeni’

Axis submarines from a naval base near Bergen, Norway are cause for much distress in the Northern Atlantic. After failed attempts of disabling the base from sea and air, the OSA headquarters decided to send paratroopers behind enemy lines. Their task: Disrupt the supply lines of the base and strike a then vulnerable base from land. In the first mission, the Axis are preparing a shipment destined for the naval base from a supply depot in the mountains. The Allied paratroopers must seize those supplies for the local resistance to strengthen their efforts against the Axis forces in the region. In the second mission, alarmed by the loss of the first supply shipment, the Axis attempt to organise retaliation. The Allies must infiltrate the Axis fortification and steal the documents depicting Axis troop movements to disrupt their retaliation attempts. In the third mission, the Axis attempt to hold their naval base to ensure submarine operations in the Northern Atlantic. The Allies launch their attack on the weakened base and must disable communications to submarines on patrol to enforce their retreat and allow Allied convoys to reach the shores safely.



In an attempt to improve the map further, two features have been added. One with a gameplay impact and the other one simply being a quality of life improvement for spectators and shout-casters.

The gameplay feature is the additional of an antenna, which is linked to the Command Post. It provides a near-global visual indicator for the status of the Command Post. (Destroyed, Under Construction, Constructed).

The quality of life improvement are skylights in the two main bunkers, which are solid for players and entities (bullets, explosions, grenades, etc.), but non-solid for spectators and shout casters. They allow spectators to maintain a constant overview of action around the facilities, while also keeping an eye on the respective main objective to never miss crucial events.


version 2

  • Changed floodlight colour to uniform white.
  • Fixed vanilla ET compatibility.
  • Fixed various trickjumps.
  • Cleaned collision for easier player movement.
  • Fixed mirrored textures in vanilla ET.
  • Changed crane control construction indicators for clearer visibility.
  • Improved lighting and general visibility.
  • Fixed issue where planting landmines was possible everywhere.

version 1

  • Added targetname and scriptname to nearly all in-game entities to enable server admins to build custom scripts if desired.
  • Extended map skywards to allow for free shoutcaster/spectator movement.
  • Implemented windows into the forward bunker roof to allow shoutcasters and spectators to maintain an overview at all times.
  • Comprehensive rework of structural mesh to improve on VIS.
  • Removed player collision from noticeboards, picture frames, lying doors etc.
  • Enlarged some door and window frames for more consistent use of dimensions across the map.
  • Colour-coded stairwells in forward bunker.
  • Fixed clip position of destroyed allied cp model.
  • Removed collision from crane rope.
  • Dispersed spawn points to declutter mass spawn events.
  • Adjusted terrain around some rocks to prevent leaks at the border.
  • Added team specific CP sounds.
  • Re-added previously removed radio speakers.
  • Increased player count to 20v20.
  • Added external antenna as visual indicator for CP status.
  • Changed depot alarm to only sound for a specific time (15 seconds) instead of linked to the truck position.

Compile parameters

<build name="Supply Depot">
<command>[q3map2] -bsp -meta -samplesize 16 -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>
<command>[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>
<command>[q3map2] -light -fast -samples 4 -samplesize 16 -bounce 3 -bouncegrid -v -thresh 0.25 -shade -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -lightmapsize 2048 -patchshadows -external &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>

(KeMoN) #2

‘Supply Depot, by ginc’

BSP name etl_supply_v3.bsp
Status version 3
Latest Release January 2021
Players 32 vs 32
Original map by ginc
Visual overhaul by kemon
Download 'Supply Depot, by ginc' (v3)

version 3

  • Substantial performance improvements by reducing drawn surfaces with adjusted light settings. (Thank you hatcher for comprehensive support)
  • Provided option to toggle truck invulnerable or not through mapscript (invulnerable by default). (Thank you ETc.Jay for reporting and absolutely huge thanks to Ensiform for finding the perfect way to do this)
  • Fixed gold crate support blocks visible through walls.
  • Fixed setstate errors in console after dynamiting 1st main gate. (Thank you WuTangH for reporting)
  • Fixed CP sound playing in second round after /map_restart. (Thank you WuTangH for reporting)
  • Fixed surfaceparm grasssteps to add missing sounds when walking on grass. (Thank you WuTangH and Aciz for reporting)
  • Adjusted clip brush at forward bunker teamdoor/gate to prevent getting stuck on the edge.
  • Crate controls not showing satchel icon for Axis. (Thank you WuTangH for reporting)
  • Fixed visible seams in terrain textures.
  • Increased amount of spawn slots from 20vs20 to 32vs32. (Thank you Dmxj for reporting)
  • Fixed skyportal incorectly having sky shader instead of mountain.
  • Fixed flying rock next to east depot wall.
  • Reduced weird shadows from the ceiling lampshades. (Thank you Aciz for reporting.)

Compile parameters

<build name="Supply Depot, by ginc">
<command>[q3map2] -bsp -meta -samplesize 4 -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>
<command>[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>
<command>[q3map2] -light -fast -samples 4 -samplesize 4 -bounce 3 -bouncegrid -v -thresh 0.5 -shade -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -lightmapsize 1024 -patchshadows -external &quot;[MapFile]&quot;</command>

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