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Well even if you don’t think I know what I’m talking about I’d just like to clarify a few points.

  • With measuing by XP I mean XP per minute not total XP since total XP gained is indeed meaningless.

  • I don’t think there is any game out there atm that has a perfect rating system. As soon as you take players out of a 1v1 scenario it’s very difficult to determine individual skill (on a team).

  • What ever system is in place people are going to try and figure out how it works to game it.

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[QUOTE=stealth6;563154]Well even if you don’t think I know what I’m talking about I’d just like to clarify a few points.

  • With measuing by XP I mean XP per minute not total XP since total XP gained is indeed meaningless.

  • I don’t think there is any game out there atm that has a perfect rating system. As soon as you take players out of a 1v1 scenario it’s very difficult to determine individual skill (on a team).

  • What ever system is in place people are going to try and figure out how it works to game it.[/QUOTE]

Sorry if my answer above upset you, this wasn’t my intention - but your answers constantly display a lack of knowledge of TrueSkill, including this last one. You keep opposing “opinion” and “belief” to a proven metric tested on real world dataset, and which is fully documented.

And again:

  • XP per minute is heavily skewed on one side, depending on the map.
  • TrueSkill is specifically designed to estimate individual rating from team performance. A rating system isn’t meant to be perfect, otherwise it would predict the future: the goal is to approach the reality as much as possible. We have a
    pretty good idea on how much reliable it is (TS was tested on the public Halo data set). Also, as a Glicko generalization, uncertainty of the measure is compounded in the rating itself, which isn’t done by any measure using XP.
  • Players are welcome to try to “game” this implementation. There is only a single variable that players can “game” and that is helping their team to win the map - and this doesn’t include switching side at the last minute.

If you have any further question, feel free to ask. Again, I’d suggest to first read the link above, it’s really interesting and not too difficult to grasp if you have some knowledge of basic statistics.

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Happy 14th anniversary to this jewel in gaming history.

Thank you Splash Damage for this wonderful game. I think the Krefeld Battleground LAN event shows that to this day its gameplay and feeling is still appreciated by a lot of people. Happy fragging, folks.


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We have a little surprise coming up for you this weekend. Here’s a little teaser.

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What servers do you guys play in? Give me IP please.

(KeMoN) #366

ETL Frostbite v2
----- Custom map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and ET: Legacy-----
<< 13 >>[HR][/HR]This game has seen many years go by and is yet loved by many. To properly honor this, the first map that has been “converted” to ET: Legacy (a.k.a. visually enhanced to make way for the coming Legacy renderer) is Frostbite. One of the most popular maps this game has ever seen. A big thank you to Titeuf for filming the trailer.[HR][/HR]



This map was initially created by Moonkey, who still deserves all the credit for the map layout and gameplay design. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW MP and ET. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you.
This is the second version of this map for ET: Legacy. Please keep in mind that these maps, just like the game itself will be continuously versioned with each release.


A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the region. The Allies must steal the Supply Documents and radio them back to Allied Command so the convoy can be intercepted in time.


[li]The player is now able to stop and revert Storage Wall movement by activating the button again.[/li][li]Alarm now also sounds when the Service Door has been dynamited before the Storage Wall and Main Door.[/li][li]Entity count has been reduced from 479 to 348[/li][li]Structural mesh and VIS blocking have been improved[/li][li]Several visual changes have been made[/ul][/li]

-----Comparison Screenshots-----


(Sourcefiles included)


Author: keMoN & phisherman
Compilation time: 1 hour 33 minutes
Compilation parameters:
[q3map2] -bsp -meta -patchmeta -samplesize 16 -v -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]
[q3map2] -vis -saveprt -v "[MapFile]
[q3map2] -light -fast -samples 6 -samplesize 16 -v -thresh 0.05 -lomem -dirty -dirtdepth 256 -lightmapsize 512 -patchshadows -external "[MapFile]

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Looks amazing the only thing that kind of looks out of place are the top of the mountains in the background. They seems to look a bit unnatural somehow. (preview3.jpg)

Kind of unrelated / related. Why were spotlights used that point up at the sky? (I mean in real life)
Aesthetically I like them, but wouldn’t they draw attention to your base?

(KeMoN) #368

I suppose you are referring to the texture alignment of the “snow”? It’s a bit difficult to adjust that properly, because I’m using a props_skyportal for the mountains so they don’t add any tris which need to be rendered. And that whole mountain is using one texture (textures\rock\roc_m01aa.jpg) so optimization might proof quite hard. I’ll see if I can tweak the texture a bit for v2.

You are right, those Flakscheinwerfer attract a lot of attention to your base. I’m quite sure they are used to spot incoming bomber raids after your base has already been spotted by the enemy. Since there is an Allied attack on the base we could just assume that it is a precaution. But I admit that they are just in it because they look badass.

(stealth6) #369

Yes that’s what I meant. First time I’ve seen a props_skyportal used, looks cool. I now understand why it was so diffuclt.

It would be cool to only turn the spotlights on when the objective had been taken so the players outside get a visual indication, but might be a bit much work for a negligible detail.

(ronboy) #370

The props_skyportal entity is heavily used in Rtcw SP maps, and it’s a neat entity that gives a map nice background detail without any FPS loss. If I’m not mistaken, that same model that Kemon used for this entity (shown above) is originally from Rtcw. :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #371

It is indeed a model from RTCW which is also using a RTCW texture. I purposely use assets from RTCW, because they are very similar to the game and recreating them means, that we have a larger asset pool for ET: Legacy. Also, all RTCW projects like for example ioRTCW and The Dark Army can use these. This makes sharing among project teams a lot easier. It’s basically a Win-Win.

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smth wrong ? ;>

[on etmain / PC ]

(ryven) #373

[QUOTE=Kynval;566064]smth wrong ? ;>

[on etmain / PC ][/QUOTE]

Yes, kemon should make sure that all “map” properties in shaders contain extensions. Unlike etlegacy, vanilla et can’t load such names

map textures/temperate_sd/rock_ugly_brown

(KeMoN) #374

Wow -.-’
This has got to be the smoothest map-rollout in the history of this game :smiley:

The reason this was happening is because ETL doesn’t require file extensions (.tga / .jpg) in the shader. Vanilla ET on the other hand does. However, it doesn’t care whether they are correct, you can put the .tga extension in the shader and it finds the .jpg. Makes sense.

Anyway, I have fixed the shader and added a mising texture. Please find ETL Frostbite v3 below.
Download Frostbite_v3

Thank you for reporting this Kynval.


(Kynval) #375

now is beautiful <3
well done :slight_smile: [why 1st axis spawn is in garage? selected spawn is upstairs, and there are players spawning after deads. but 1st isn’t in right place]

is it possible, to make .pk3 with shaders to update all offical maps?

ps. added to server :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #376

Thank you for adding the map to your server. May I ask what mod you are using?
I double-checked the script structure of Frostbite and all Autospawns are assigned correctly. Are you running NQ with the random spawn cvar enabled by any chance? That would be one explanation.

Another would be that there are too many players spawning at once. There are only 24 spawnslots in “Axis Barracks” (a.k.a. the spawn on the upper floor), so if there are more players spawning at once, they are automatically moved to the Garage spawn. But that hasn’t changed from original Frostbite.

(Kynval) #377

its happens on silEnT server, and i checked on etmain (local PC) and it happens to…
bots, and players are spawning after “FIGHT” in garage.

and 1 more question. [sorry 4 whining]… is it possible to make all chairs, maps, pictures etc destroyable like in original frostbite? cuz now players can hide after stand map near obj.
ps. sorry 4 english. i do my best :smiley:

(KeMoN) #378

You’re not raising the impression of whining, don’t worry. On the contrary, I appreciate your feedback.

Regarding the axis autospawn, I, unfortunately, can’t give you a quick answer. That seems to be rooted a bit deeper.

I agree with making the wooden board in the obj room destructible, however the rest was made worldspawn intentionally. For example each banner consisted out of 4 entities. These things do add up, even though Frostbite seems rather small and simple. Right now this won’t have much of an impact on performance, but as soon as the new assets are added to the equation that might look a bit different.
Also what exactly is the point of adding detail like a framed picture on the wall if the first person running by it destroys it. Then no one can enjoy it anymore. That’s why these things were transformed into static map-objects. You can’t hide behind pictures or banners so they don’t really have an impact. The wooden board however provides quite some cover and hiding potential, so I do agree with you.

I’ll make it a destructible entity in the next version again. It’ll take more time than the last update though, because I need to investigate the spawn issue and also do a recompile.


(Kynval) #379

next thing… now players can hide in Reflector on roof. [no needed double jump to get there :D]

(macbeth) #380

i added your map to our silent server aswell and we will give you feedbacks and i used the botfiles from the original map but maybe they need to be reworked a lil :d

thanks to have made a new et map version