ET: Legacy

(Gir) #221

Playing on my Regular server with ETL

I noticed this :rolleyes:

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[QUOTE=Dragonji;400461]Wow, it means it will be a fail after stable version is released… Only some NQ servers will use ET:L server binary.

I hope source will be released so community will be able to add multipatch support on their own :)[/QUOTE]

Agree on that one…

IMO it’s stupid not to allow 2.55 players to join new ET:L servers. The best option was suggested by someone in this topic… Allow them to connect, spam the message to client that they are using old version and give them link to update to new one. This way admins will not loose players on their server, more clients will be updated to new version and everyone will be happy.

Admins should tell their players to update to 2.6b and above (when released).

(Radegast) #223

I had hoped ET:L will bring another 10 years of life to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is a great game and it would be a shame to let it rot when Splash Damage was so kind and released full source code. Now I am starting to think it won’t happen because of ET community. The drawbacks of supporting 2.55 clients were mentioned countless times, so I won’t waste any more words on this subject. It makes me angry to think that all it would take to get rid of 2.55 would be if all admins just informed their users about updating to 2.60b - as simple as that. Now we have to add unnecessary hacks like server facade instead of focusing on real bugs and stability.

So yea, after all this negative feedback we have no choice but to add 2.55 server facade.

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There’s no way to make ET:L check client install and update it if necessary, with a prompt before doing so?

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So yea, after all this negative feedback we have no choice but to add 2.55 server facade.[/QUOTE]

No… :S

What is the point of being stuck in 2.55

Number 1 rule of life, move on, so why not make clear that 2.55 is buggy, outdated.

2.60 don’t change game-play, you don’t get ETpro mod automatically as said by people( as seen in most of Jaymod servers ), it is more bug-free.

Pretty much same as being stuck with Windows XP which is full of backdoors and leaks, if you can pick up Windows 7/8.

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… I’m just waiting for the first public tutorial how to hack 2.55 clients …

Sad story … all I can say about the 2.55 topic now is you guys are acting just selfishly and it’s irresponsible. 2.55 clients are more than insecure and this is a damn good reason not to use it anymore (immediately). Instead of protecting unaware players you are forcing the opposite - the trial of ET:Legacy to unique the scene on 2.60 is/was just intercepted at the beginning. I’m fully with you if you are saying i don’t want to loose players as admin but what’s wrong if you deny 2.55 connections and giving a message to update first ? (… at least this was the plan)

@hellreturn: as you know we did try this way with NQ on earlier versions and it didn’t work so why should that work now?


Looks like I’m one of the few voices thinking not the admin way ONLY …

(Mateos) #227

There may be some management theory behind this :stuck_out_tongue: Change resistance or something like this. It’s just that people isn’t aware of it, and I guess few admins run a/several real 2.55, they should be aware of this :s

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The reason why the server facade is so important is that without it the players on the 2.55 server list won’t even see the servers having ET Legacy. What happens after the players connect is another thing. But there will very likely, in my opinion based on that there are lot of installer downloads that install just that, be many players installing the 2.55 for a long time. If no server would be seen in the in game server browser it would just make the game look forgotten and they would surely not update.

(hellreturn) #229

It didn’t work in NQ because of few reasons. If you want solution/suggestion on how to make it work here is one suggestion from my side. It’s up to you guys on how to implement it or whether to implement it or not.

  1. Let players from 2.55 join ET:L server.
  2. As soon as they join show message on server: [player x] joined from 2.xx client.
  3. Show the message update your client in CP location of banner every 15 seconds to update their client.
  4. Auto kick after 10-15 minutes.
  5. Once u are kicked please add option of button ‘Update Game’ and link it to ET:L tutorial page from where players can download and see tutorial at the same time.

Now doing above it will notify admin that hey someone is using old client. This way 15 min gives enough rough for admin to exchange his website/forum/xfire with player if he needs help in updating his game.

More or less it also gives enough notices to players that hey update your game. Once player is auto kicked there will be message and button on his screen saying Update Game. Player can click on it which would close ET and open website page from where he/she can download the update and install it.

I for one would prefer to help players rather then leaving them behind and making them move to other game. We have been helping players since long time to update their ET.

(cheesy) #230

It’s not the fault of 2.55 server admins or players that this argument exists.

Here is why the problem exists:

Blunder #1
ET never supported auto updating
Blunder #2
A patch was made (2.60b) but it required players to manually update, but more importantly it was isolated on its own server list
ET became diverse and fragmented (this will be its legacy)

The good news is, ET has lots of players on both lists, using both clients. It will remain that way until somebody does something stupid to mess that up (like make it more diverse and fragmented).

I disagree with putting anything on the 2.55 list that will disconnect players or nag them to death with spam. Come on, let’s not be thugs about it.

Here is a better plan: (this applies to any multi-client project like ET:L or ET 300)

  • have an optional flag or menu that gives server owners the ability to alert players to an update
  • be nice about it, don’t spam, and don’t disconnect (let them enjoy the damn game)
  • the alert should say something like “an optional update is available”
  • the only website addresses that should be mentioned are Splash Damage or ID sites

In a long run, there will be two mirrored server lists. Some players will have 2.55, some will have 2.60b, but the servers will still be active nonetheless.

(hellreturn) #231

[QUOTE=cheesy;400872]It’s not the fault of 2.55 server admins or players that this argument exists.

  • be nice about it, don’t spam, and don’t disconnect (let them enjoy the damn game)

This was one of the reason where NQ updating banners failed. They will not upgrade if they will be able to play the game. The fact is by kicking them we are helping them to upgrade their game which is more good then previous version.

As far as blunder #2 COD4 has same issue. They have ‘seven’ patches and each patch has it’s own server list. I wouldn’t called #2 blunder.

(cheesy) #232

Like anything in life, if the update is necessary, then people will naturally get it. It makes no sence trying to make it appear necessary.

yes, as far as I know cod requires patches to be installed manually (just like 2.60b). I am not sure that there is anything in place that trys to force everyone on the patchs. Generally, if a server is on a list, that means it is playable (as it should be)

most people do not read banners imo, and perhaps that is why the NQ idea did not work.

again I am not apposed to having an OPTION for server admins to announce the update, maybe even via a disconnect. But the player should be given the option to exit server or update. Maybe have a menu explaining the benefits of having 2.60b patch and let the player decide to go through with it, or just disconnect and get on another server.

I understand that you guys have good intentions. But I think it is reasonable to make this compromise, now that we have multi-client + facade capability. This was not the case many years back. This means we can keep servers populated and the patch will not have an impact.

(Mateos) #233

Just a quote from the 2.55 to 2.60 changelog:

Hm, maybe telling the admin/player this kind of stuff can change his mind…

(cheesy) #234

I would add things that are critical (and things that are not resolved by a 2.55+ server).

but yes, maybe have a “learn more” menu link near the 'Update" button

(7Killer) #235

wooo, when i proposed to put a multiclient into et:l, thats just because i have found the work which has been made nice, just this little miss for my usage and some friends…
I m just scared , how time more debate go 2.55 between 2.6, ok remove the 2.55, remove all 2.55 installer u can found over the net, and ignore something 40 % of the daily players,… Well at earth size, that s like u miss the chinese part :confused:

2.55 is buggy, easy to hack, i m ok with that, 2.55 is a **** i m ok with that, Et:L want just be 2.6 no problem with thats, i propose to stop missmy time, and pass it to found a way to give to et:client an auto updater by the the server with no client intervention. (and this point we can miss the 2.55)…

Maybe i forgot a not when i wrote that…

None of us make modding, we just try to keep ours server alive, i forget
For sure, u are the light of the et mod, keep it on Man, for the community, but didn’t hope all go where the light is :wink:

(Destroy666) #236

Big +1. I think players who would get spammed every 15 seconds with banners and then kicked would rather think ‘fk off, time to play another game’ than ‘interesting, let me update’. Especially those who don’t know what the banners say - don’t tell me you think that everyone is capable of understanding English. That’s called selfishness - not thinking about all kind of people, just trying to force everyone. If you REALLY want to get rid of 2.55, not in sense of players leaving the game completely, make some kind of autoupdater (like auto etkey downloader).
Also let me compare the method you want to implement. It’s like forcing someone to wash the clothes in bath, while you could use washmachine. If you want to ‘move on’, move on to new, userfriendly update method first.

(Mateos) #237

So I dig back my post to have maybe an answer about this possibility, since now we’re 2 asking? x)

(Radegast) #238

No, at least not without some kind of hack. ET:L clients will have autoupdater and Dushan was kind enough to provide a patch for that, but there is no way to autoupdate 2.55 clients playing on ET:L servers without any user interaction. All we can do is show them a window with a button telling them to download an updated client (2.60b or ET:L).

Pun intended? :slight_smile:

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Fix the Jerky ET Engine, make it smooth like RTCW/Quake 3 .

Play RTCW-MP for 10 Minutes then jump to ET and you will know what i am talking about, that is the one thing i hate
about ET.

(Gir) #240


Same Settings

Quake 3



Big Drops in Frames as you go down the Engine tree, ET the Slowest

ET also suffered from Huge FPS Drops e.g, Radar, even on good hardware.