Error during conversion from ASE to MD3

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I am using q3data.exe to convert a ase model to md3. I get this message:

************ ERROR ****************
Too many surfaces in ASE

The model has maximum 10 brushes.

Is there a cure?

Very simple models with two brushes work fine.


(PyroGXPilot) #2

iirc q3data only works with models with only 1 shader

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Thanks for replying.

Do you mean one texture or one shader? My model uses only one shader but if I remember well
three or four textures. Caulk, nodraw, and two other custom textures. Is this the problem?

(ailmanki) #4

Each texture becomes a shader!

(sd2009) #5

In this case q3data.exe is a problem not a solution. I have been searching for more than a week for an ase importer for gmax with no success. Most of the importers are for max 4.x, 6, and so on. Their plugins all failed to initialize with my gmax. Is there a plugin for gmax? Can any one show me the working link for its download?

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Thank you.

I have this tool but I did not try it yet. I shall start today.

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I tried the Q3_model_Tool. It has a limitation of 1024 vertices. Another issue is that it does not convert the shader effect. Although the shader functions properly with the ase format. Do you know why?