Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition - July 2018

(Moobabe) #132

Some of these videos are SO FRIKKIN AMAZING! Excited to go through all of them in detail with the team, but picking winners is going to be tough.

(Mustang) #133

Try now.

(Bloodndeception) #134

At least you answered my question without me even asking, I thought it was just gonna be Shoe going through all of them until his eyes bled but thank you because now I know there is a team to watch through them =O

(Gatlinghawk) #135

I hope i can submit my phantom ones lol
included slow mo XD


And it’s done, ladies and gentlemans >:)

(BerylRdm) #137

I saw several montages made by other competitors and - damn, this contest is really cool. @stayfreshshoe you guys should organise more video competitions.

(Archemis) #139
video uploading now.... ( hope im not too late :slight_smile: )


Unfortunately you are. You were supposed to send it in before the 31st July.

(Archemis) #141

really? so i cant win?


I don’t think they will consider it, no.

(Jyrk Z) #143


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