Epic Kills Frag Movie Competition - July 2018

(Not A Medic) #49

A little unconventional, but hopefully you find it entertaining

(uTer) #51

(Spanman) #52



Bumped. You’re good to go!

(Chris Mullins) #55

Everything you said is correct. Being made in July was specified to try and promote players to create new content instead of submitted previously made videos. We’ve had it in the past where people are upset they can’t submit a video they just put live, so this way I give players the last two weeks as leeway.

After this initial contest, if a player’s video doesn’t win I don’t imagine they’d continue submitting it as it hasn’t been up to par with other videos. For those with a backlog of good videos, if I see someone submitting all previous videos I will revise the rules accordingly.

The main reason behind doing these frag movie competitions is to give you lot an opportunity to get your content seen, have it celebrated and be rewarded. If someone submits an old video this can still be achieved, but if players want to keep in with the spirit of the competition I would appreciate new videos be made.

(ravenskeith) #56

(MasterGeneral156) #58

Can’t include links. ^^; oopsy daisy!

(Lioshi) #59

This is my entry:

(ZaZa) #60

1080 / 60

(DestroyerM_TheRealOne) #61

My entry :

(Frenzy) #62


(Inshane822) #63

My entry-ish


The length of your video has to be below five minutes, you must shorten it to that threshold otherwise I fear the devs will not take it into consideration.

(Denis) #65

My potato entry:

(Frosty_Espresso) #66

Here it is… the Sparks-tage!

(Lpq) #67

(XsnipergirlX) #68

Has to be posted in July, says specifically in the rules.

(The Devil) #69

(Gamechanger2K) #70

Would have loved to create a new video specifically for this competition but as i currently can’t use my pc, i will have to send in an already uploaded one:

Defibrillator Kills