(Engineer) Techie

(fryszopen) #1

Class- Engineer
HP- (100hp)
Speed- (430)

Nationality: (Pending, tho I would love to see the first Latin American Merc)

He’s your typical tech nerdy. He is very intelligent (and he knows it) thus being very enthusiastic about what he does.
VideoGame Lover (especially war games) since he was a just a kiddo; Graduated in Electrical Engineering, Techie is a Contract engineer that one day decide to match his love for war video games and knowledge in engineer creating what he calls his MAGNUM OPUS: Elektra, a potent EMP grenade capable of frying any electronic device in the vicinity.

(Ability #1)
Cooldown- (15 seconds each.)
Duration- (5 seconds)
(He is given 2 EMP grenade capable of disabling enemies deployables for 5 seconds, and if an enemy gets hit by the electromagnetic pulse, he/she is unable of using any active ability for 3 seconds)

Cooldown- 7 seconds.
Duration- 0.5 Seconds.
(A radar that emits a pulse that detects enemies deployables, in a radius of 10m. Detected devices appear in the HUD of allies, similar to how detected enemies appear in the allied HUD.)

Primary- ASG .45 (Automatic Submachine Gun). A weapon based on the real-life UMP .45 ACP, in design as in stats.
Damage: Body: 15. Head: 29
Rate of fire: 600 RPM
Effective Range: Min:10m, Max:21m
High Recoil
Ammo; Default: 3 mags. Max: 5
Mag Capacity: 25 bullets
Time to reload: 1.9s.
Mobility: 90%
Time to aim: 0.27s

.Secondary- AP18 (Automatic Pistol 18). (Based on real-life Glock 18.)
Damage: Body: 7. Head: 16
Rate of fire: 1000rpm
Effective Range: Min:6m, Max: 15
High recoil
Ammo: Default: 3 mags, Max:6
Mag Capacity: 17 bullets.
Time to reload: 1.5s
Mobility: 95%
Time to aim: 0.23s

Melee- Telescopic Steel Baton
Damage: Fast Attack: 45, Heavy Attack: 85
Mobility: 100%
Range: 1.17m
Rate of fire: 110rpm

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(MuddyGrenade) #2

Other than the new weapons, don’t really think those are necessary, I think this is pretty cool. 5 seconds might be a little long, though, and maybe it shouldn’t affect players. Would kinda be an instant win with a well coordinated team.