Engineer Concept - Haywire

(HadronZodiac) #1

Name - Haywire
Nationality - Brazilian
Gender - Male

Health - 120
Speed - 410

Primaries - Hurtsall2k / M4A1 / Timik47
Secondaries - M9 / Caulden / De50
Melees - Kukri / Bat / Beckhill

Primary Ability - Plasmade-Tripwire
Generator Capacity - 2
Generator Ability Cooldown - 9 seconds
Generator Health - 35

Generator Explanation - A small generator placed on a wall, creating another generator on the opposite side of it, with a maximum distance between the 2 of 3m. When placed, both generators will be used (aka the 2 charges of the ability). If one generator is destroyed, the other is not, but the remaining generator will not work. You can replace the destroyed generator using 1 charge of your ability.

Wire Look/Effect - The wire will be very transparent, like phantoms cloak. But with a hint of blue (red to enemy team). It slows down the affected player by 20% for 5 seconds, and does 45 damage per tick. Delay between ticks is .55 seconds. Each tick makes a high pitched warp sound such as proxy mine. Also when tripped, you and your team will get a notification that says ‘Wire Tripped’, and you also get 70 exp.

Tbh the ability was hard to explain, so if you have any questions or concerns, just comment tbh

(LifeupOmega) #2

Will flat out say we don’t need more abilities that slow people down.

Also, 50 per tick, x10 if it’s once per .5 seconds, is 500 damage. The hell?

(HadronZodiac) #3

.5 seconds = 100 per full second, people often will run quickly past it (or walk), or neutralize a generator before continuing. Ill drop it to 40 tho just for you ;p

Also, there’s only 1 ability that slows people down.

(B_Montiel) #4

Abilities that slows, blind, smokescreen -red eye as well as arty and skyhammer explosion smokes that stay far too visible for too long depending on your graphic config-, cloak or damage buffer are imo terrible assets in such a fast paced game. (Cloak might have its place, if only it had been built better). So no more of that indeed, they’re flooding the game already.

Currently, the damage you give the ability are far too strong, regarding what stoker does in the exact same field, as well as the fact that he’s an engineer with 120 hp. Proxy is 90 hp and has a random efficiency mine that can - under very specific circumstances that also lowers down against good players- do a lot of damage. Fletcher is 110 hp and is a lower version of nader, strictly speaking in combat. So, in a sense, too powerful for an engineer, at least comparing to what they did to other engineers available.

By the way, a 120 hp merc should be 400 speed. Dunno why Nader stays at 410 currently. But since they’ve messed the speed/health pool relationship they built a long time ago…

(MuddyGrenade) #5

Sounds kinda like Bandit from Rainbow Six.
As for the idea itself, not really sure the slowing ability should really be a thing. However, setting up wire traps that do maybe 30 damage per tick every .5 seconds would be ok, to me. Since you only take damage while you are in contact with the wire, you’d basically have no excuse to die from it. Setting it up on a C4 would work pretty well. Honestly, 50 damage per tick isn’t even that bad imo. Yeah you’d only have 1 second, basically, to survive if you’re not beefier than Phoenix, but most of those mercs are quick enough to run through it and grab some heals.
As for the health pool, it could be debated if he/she (might wanna state their gender btw) is too slow and too tough. I personally think him being a bit slower is alright, since he seems like he’s supposed to be a more defense oriented merc, and having an ability like this should take some time to setup. On the flip side, making him weaker and faster could give him more of an edge on offense, but that’d be a little broken with the weapons he has access to.
I think this guy is pretty solid, honestly. 50 damage for just running through a wire could be tweaked, but overall it’s not too bad of an idea. Although, the generators should probably have like 25 health or something. It shouldn’t take very long to destroy them, imo.
EDIT: Thinking of it now, the only merc that would even have a real problem against the tripwires if Proxy. Sparks, Aura, and Phoenix all have quick access to heals, and Aimee should never even be a position to be come past a tripwire anyways. Proxy is the only rusher-type that Haywire would counter that would even have that “1-second threat,” and that is honestly fine with me. Proxy’s need to be watching their steps, and the ones that don’t will learn to when a Haywire is around.

(HadronZodiac) #6

P1 - The main thing for the slow is so people dont just take 50 damage and the trip basically did nothing. Proxy does way more damage in a large area, so the slow is kind of make up for its limited aoe. Yeah no real excuse unless you low hp. Yeah the main idea stemmed from how there are walls surrounding most c4 objectives, and how interesting a wire would work on it.

P2 - The main thing for his speed is to be able to set up traps quickly, because of how long it technically takes to set up/repair trap generators. Oh wow you just said it takes time to set up, agreed ;p. Ill consider tweaking speed and damage.

Edit Response - Yeah faster mercs should be concerned, the wire is more of an anti-rush than anything else. And proxy wouldnt just be run run kill, they need to be aware, like how other mercs are with her mines.

Edit - I tweaked damage to 45 and made tick delay .55, and made generator health 35. Also, I am considering replacing the speed reduction with a slight damage multiplier (like aimee), allowing enemies to be able to find cover if damaged by wire, instead of being held in the area. Of course it wouldnt spot them, but when you physically see (and hurt) them it would show a symbol.

(HadronZodiac) #7

Tactical slowing doesnt count. you can easily move in the smoke, forward or back and find cover or push.

The damage got tweaked (and tick delay)

Not every engy needs to be a downgrade of another merc

Speed is fine (for now), he is still kinda mobile to be able to set up his traps effectively, as they need way more skill than traps such as mines or stickies.


Honestly this ability would be better suited to a recon, maybe someone like hunter even.

But I have to agree with the others, an ability that slows down mercs in a fast paced game isn’t a good idea. And if the slowdown effect was removed, it would become a fairly redundant ability. We already have a lot of area denial abilities. Molotovs, mines, hell even smoke and the snitch are good deterrents. Adding more won’t really add anything to the game except a frustrating game to punish pushing, which obviously shouldn’t happen in a fast game like DB.

If we’re gonna see a new engi, I’d rather see someone fairly tanky or fairly light too. We barely have any of those mercs compared to all the 110-120 HP mercs we have.

(hawkeyeguy99) #9

I like the idea, but would not want it in the game at all. DB already has way too many abilities that require little to no skill to use (ahem Proxy mines and Canerlin rockets) so forgive me if I say “oh heck no” to another throw-and-forget ability. We need more abilities like Sparks and Hunter that can be deadly when used right but require practice and skill to use effectively.

Also @Maisy could we get the old “Merc Suggestions” sub-forum back? It’s missing on these new-fangled ones.

(DarkangelUK) #10

I don’t think we need a whole section just for that at the moment, it’s not like we’re being flooded by similar threads.

(hawkeyeguy99) #11

It’d just be nice to have an organized section for them so that we can see what other people are suggesting instead of trying to find them in general. Not necessary just would be a nice quality of life improvement. But I’m getting off-topic so I’ll shut up about it.


I kinda like it as it is. Gets more attention in general and means I can see new merc suggestions without having to check several different threads every time lol.

(HadronZodiac) #13

In the end, all the engis are throw and forget

@STARRYSOCK So should i maybe replace the slow with a slight damage multiplier? This way if no one is watching the objective, the enemy can still do their job, but if the team is around and they trigger a wire they are way more likely to die than escape. But a good player can still get through it in certain cases

(MuddyGrenade) #14

Well except for Fletcher. It’s more like throw, detonate, and forget.

(HadronZodiac) #15

Well i guess yeah, but still his ability was meant to be left (ig not forgotten as you have to trigger it but still)


Like I said, the slowdown effect wouldn’t fit with DB. But anything other than the slowdown effect would be more or less redundant. We already have the snitch, and even then it’s iffy in DB. Defensive deployables slow down the game quite a bit, and we already have quite a few of them, not sure if I’d like to see more.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad idea or anything, I just don’t think it fits well with DB, especially since we already have a lot of similar mercs.
I’d actually rather see this ability given to hunter and just scrap his crossbow spotting thing. Would make more sense on him, since it’s not like we need another defensive engineer

(HadronZodiac) #17

Yeah I guess I see your point, we don’t really need more things to slow people down. I mentioned before it would be cool for hunter to be like sniper phantom (aka attack from the back), so I think giving him a wire could be interesting, I could make a seperate idea where it would work for hunter, or just a new recon. The original idea (not posted here) would spot enemies but I felt that wouldnt fit the role of an engineer.

(hawkeyeguy99) #18

Okay so this really got me thinking. Running with your idea of a tripwire ability:
What if you gave him 4 “generators” that can each be placed separately creating a “grid” of sorts that will generate the area of effect. Then make it triggerable with a run time of say… 7 seconds? Then that grid is on an activation button. So essentially you are setting a trap that is only triggerable, it won’t activate on its own.

(HadronZodiac) #19

I actually had a thought of this while typing out the original post, but I felt it was too complicated at the moment.

So basically you are saying the wire wont work for a large time but run for 7 seconds when activated? That would be rather complicated (imo) gameplay, but yeah I will consider that.