Engine Quirks, Bugs and Other Useful Features

(RR2DO2) #1

These are oddities and bugs you might run into when working on ET mods.


  • If PERS_HWEAPON_USE is set (ps.persistant[12]), usercmd_t.forwardmove, rightmove and upmove will be set to 0 when usercommmands are generated.
  • When usercmd_t.buttons & BUTTON_ACTIVATE and the client is strafing at the same time, usercmd_t.wbuttons will either be OR-ed with WBUTTON_LEANRIGHT or WBUTTON_LEANLEFT depending on the strafe direction.


  • When trying to render a model in the UI using trap_R_AddRefEntityToScene and then trap_R_RenderScene, the engine will crash when there isn’t a map loaded.

Useful Features

  • gameinfo.dat (open it in a text editor) allows you to disable profiles and determine which gametypes are Single Player or Coop.

(bani) #2

The engine does not truncate oversize servercommands. trap_SendServerCommand() to a client of over 1022 bytes will crash the client.

Useful Features
Callbacks let you do some very cool things. I can document this if nobody else wants to. :smiley:

(Hitman) #3

nice post rr2…wonder how u found those :slight_smile: hehe

(Domipheus) #4

/me mumbles at the ui model rendering, and wonders why he spent 3 days trying to fix something he ‘was doing wrong’ :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jaquboss) #5

BUG : exiting limbo menu stops all sounds (not caused by “stop_streamingsound” , that´s for radio…)

(Chruker) #6

Please do.

(tjw) #7

When a dual objective map goes into overtime (when the timelimit is hit but an objective prevents the map from ending), the game engine re-initializes the paramter it sends to the GAME_RUN_FRAME server cmd.

This causes some havoc since it becomes impossible to tell if you are indeed in overtime
since according to level.time, you just started the map. Specifically, landmines cannot be defused and if it’s a limited lives server, new clients get lots of lives.

Here is a workaround:


It won’t apply cleanly to stock et, but it’s pretty short so you should be able to apply it manually.

(bani) #8

PERS_HWEAPON_USE and trap_R_AddRefEntityToScene/trap_R_RenderScene are fixed in 2.60

(KillerWhale) #9

trap_R_DrawRotatedPic can’t stretch/skew the image according to it’s width/height parameters but can only resize using the mean of the two values.
So you can’t make a oval compass…

(bani) #10

you might be able to pull this off with creative use of rendertotexture.

(Huoliuhi) #11

Thanks! Bump!

(squaze) #12

i got question:my pc is good for ET perfectly…125 fps for sure…but it shows ONLY 20:O…why?whats wrong?


(IndyJones) #13

are you sure you have directx installed?

(kamikazee) #14

Please ask your question in a new thread, this is not the right thread to do so.

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(dutchmeat) #19

Found a typo in the engine RTCW and W:ET engine source at \win32\qgl.c (in function ‘QGL_Init’) :

if ( dllname[0] != '!' && strstr( "dllname", ".dll" ) == NULL ) {

should be

if ( dllname[0] != '!' && strstr( dllname, ".dll" ) == NULL ) {

(kamikazee) #20

Ok, there’s a schroedinbug in there, but what did it have for effect?