Enemy Territory 3.0 - 2.60b Servers not showing in server list while they are empty?

(elfradet) #1

///It has been fixed///

(Radegast) #2

This is a known bug in W:ET 2.60b client, which was discovered by acqu and fixed by him in the Enemy Territory: Legacy project: http://www.etlegacy.com/issues/37

[QUOTE=acQu;422435]@Dragonji: yes, 2.6b clients will not display servers, which are empty or full. Reason is the query clients send out.

I also didn’t notice for years :slight_smile: And i am sure there was hardly anyone realizing this. Just sayin’. There is also a fix somewhere at ET:L, written by the great master of the universe himself, guess who it is :stuck_out_tongue: … It is fairly easy to provide ui code and such. This along with hardcoded ui menus would make a good patch i think haha[/QUOTE]

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I have seen this topic, but it didn’t tell me what to do to fix it,

Can you explain step by step? would be great !

(Dragonji) #4

It is a client side bug. If you’d like players to see your server you should tell them to install the newest ET:L.

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kk thanks man