End Objective

(alphabeta) #1

This has now happened to me 5 times; we are at the end objective on Chapel and some jerk and his/her pal decide that they are going to screw with everyone on the attacking side. He picks up the bomb, and then runs backward in the map to the first objective. He then runs circles and laughs at all of us trying to win the game. As long as he does not drop the bomb, we cannot win because we cannot deliver the bomb. We can’t team-kill him, and since he has one friend we can’t kick him.

If it had been once or twice I would let it go as a childish prank. But now it seems to be occurring more frequently. I have reported the person but it is not really cheating or offensive is it? Just plain obnoxious.

Any help SD?

(KeMoN) #2

Community servers. The solution to so many problems simply are community servers.
It doesn’t matter whether there are players who are toxic in the chat, who switch to the winning side and don’t balance, who take the obj and hide somewhere or any other form of trolling. Stuff like that doesn’t happen on community servers. First time is a fair warning, anything after that is insta-kick.

(alphabeta) #3

You are absolutely correct!