Dropping bomb in market so no one else on your team can get it

(FlyDog) #1

some ‘DICK’ drops the bomb on purpose behind (see img) so no one else can get it. Maybe fix the map so the bomb can be retrieved.

(AlbinMatt) #2

But, how? You can’t"throw" C4s like in CSGO, you just kinda lazily drop them on your feet. Did said “Dick” get stuck there in the first place?

(FlyDog) #3

Not throw, drop. You can ‘drop’ the bomb if you do not want to carry it. So, he runs up on the container and then drops it where the green box is. Now no one can pick it up because it is too far away even if you jump down or try to crawl close.

(Cgz27) #4

The first time I experienced this…

Half our team was just camping at the bomb site waiting for our carrier until we realized haha

After killing us enemy team took almost the whole time to find the rest dancing near the C4.

It was glorious.