Draw Thread causes frame render delays in Castle Map

(RageSmirk) #1

In the last stage where you have to plant the bomb to get the holodrive out via the helicopter,
in that stage’s location, where the defending them have to go through to defend, depending on where you look there is a bug of FPS drop.
If you type ‘stat unit’ you will see that Game Thread is 4ms, Draw Thread is 14ms (which I guess makes the FPS drop), and GPU is 6ms.
So something is wrong there.
Now, I tested this on DirectX 11, on super settings with blur option off.

CPU - Ryzen 5 2600X
GPU - GTX 1060 3GB
My drivers are up to date, including my GPU driver.

(Mustang) #2

It is known that Castle has the worst performance, it hasn’t been through many rounds of optimisation, hopefully it’ll get a look at.

(RageSmirk) #3

It might be because my memory speed is 2133MHz.
I think, Castle Map needs more memory speed.
As I’m unsure, can you check it with the devs?