Dome is ruining my immersion

(Shenaynays) #1

So dome redux… our ‘mission’ there is to destroy the anti air defences to get out a big ol’ airship. right?
But why do we need to? Not like they work, skyhammar can call in airstrikes on top of the damned guns and they wont even notice :frowning:

Moral of the story, my immersion was ruined and im tilted.

(Ptiloui) #2

… and the anti air defenses will blow up the plane called by Skyhammer ?

But it doesn’t explain why Arty won’t be able to the job :slight_smile:

(Sorotia) #3

Forget immersion?

Plenty of things that don’t make sense…I mean why can’t we just shoot the chopper down at the end of train or dockyard?

How come EVs can take so much damage and all they need is a quick tuneup to be up and running again?

How can some mercs actually survive a grenade or bomb to the face?

How does glass take gunfire without breaking yet the rounds can go through it?

Immersion in a video game is often a pointless…


Lol, the final objective in underground is my favourite.

You have to blow up a few computers, but the pile of bullets, mines, airstrikes, lasers, grenades, and everything else that lands on that platform doesn’t affect it at all.

(TheStrangerous) #5

It’s simple, gameplay in video games is never canon.

(emjot) #6

It’s called balance over realism :slight_smile:

(Shenaynays) #7

@TheStrangerous said:
It’s simple, gameplay in video games is never canon.

:[ this makes me sad

(Shenaynays) #8

also i just noticed that we have more aa guns on dockyard. we didnt really do a good job on dome now did we :confused:

(bgyoshi) #9

Think of it more like… The airstrikes and artillery strikes are antipersonnel bombs and thus bad at blowing up planes and huge blimps. Hence the AA guns.

But what’s my favorite thing about Dome is every time you free the damn thing… there it goes, off to get shot down over Dockyard.