Does the new Phoenix skin look Obsidianish?

(HammerOfDawn21) #1

I created a thread about the yellow and green skins but I wanted to know how many people like the new Phoenix skin, so I created this poll.

I saw some people say it looks closer to bronze than a obsidian and I agree with them. Does it look Obsidian enough or more like a bronze to you?

So do you like the skin?

(Greehn) #2

Its ok but I do like the original blue concept of pheonix better though. I am not too crazy about the green camo to be honest.

(WatchAsILead) #3

When I think of an Obsidian skin I care more about how redesigned it looks compared to the original than what color it is. I understand how you can look at this and think its more bronze than obsidian though. Just reshade that to blue like the original Phoenix and save the camo for another merc like Fragger or something like that.

(TheStrangerous) #4

My first thought was “discount DOOM space marine”.
Same with Turtle’s mohawk + googles one, thought he was TF2 engie, for some reason…

(Ptiloui) #5

I find the helmet meh. A bit too much Masterchief as someone said.
And the color on his weapon make me think he goes to war with a paintball gun.

But, my own taste put aside, i don’t think this skin is in line with the recents obsidian skin. And… where is the obsidian here ? I mean, obsidian is a black volcanic rock. Where is this black rock looks here ?

(n-x) #6

Doom guy, mig pilot from top gun, star wars storm trooper, master chief, based stickman. It’s just so generic and not creative at all.

SD is on the one hand so proud of their unique mercs and then they produce the most boring go-to-look for coolness.

(Artyrim) #7

Is more badass from ranked season 2…

(Bluesquid0630) #8

Colors just don’t mesh well. Yellow and green looks kinda… Gross honestly. Atleast for this skin. What I want to see is crimson red and clean white, One that really goes with the whole “medic” aspect of Phoenix.

Just press e

(Eox) #9

Moving to merc discussions.

(GatoCommodore) #10

Raiden with Mariachi outfit is better imo

like javelin special edition, i really appreciate fine details

(HammerOfDawn21) #11

They are going to rework the skin. source: Moobabe on Reddit

(Esaka) #12

As a guy who owned the original Phoenix Obsidian back when he was out, I’m not satisfied with this.

(henki000) #13

I like the green one more than this new one. Thanks community.

(TheStrangerous) #14

After the update: I say it fits just fine.

(Sorotia) #15

Not really, but neither does his new one really…they have mostly been going with a black and orange look and for some reason his and Turtle’s went a different way.

(CyberVonCyberus) #16

The armour model itself is just not fitting, like seriously ! Why put this huge Halo helmet and then have his regular reskined poncho on his body and horrible yellow jeans ? Either go full civilian or full militia or full military not all three at once.

Imagine the US navy going to combat with only their helmet and the rest being their regular civilian clothing.

(binderr) #17

It’s a decent skin but I’m disappointed with load out cards, so I’m not buying even though Phoenix is my fav medic merc! :’(