Does Taking Damage Affect Spread?

(KangaJoo) #1

I’ve noticed during play and while watching vids that when I take a lot of dmg at once, like from a shotgun, in addition to aimpunch, a lot of my shots that are clearly on target still end up missing even though it’s fairly close range. I couldn’t find any quantitative info on spread in this game so I’m wondering if your spread temporarily increases when you receive a large amount of dmg all at once.

(AlbinMatt) #2

Yes. I don’t have any valid numeric data, but I do know that taking damage severely impacts your accuracy (not recoil, that’s a matter of how long you’ve fured your weapon uncontrolled).

There’s also an augment that decreases this by 30%<, namely Focus.

(Szakalot) #3

when you get hit you receive ‘aimpunch’ : your mouse is pushed upwards slightly and STAYS THERE. this effect is proportional to the damage.

your gun’s accuracy should be unaffected, only where your mouse is pointing is

(KangaJoo) #4

Yeah I’m well aware of aimpunch and focus. What I’m talking about is when you get hit, your crosshair is still clearly on target, but you are still missing.

(Nail) #5

in that case, no, you’re just missing